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Dispatch is one of the greatest email apps for the iPhone (but sadly still not the iPad). It’s purpose is to let you power through your emails and whittle down your inbox in double-quick time. And the latest update adds… Read more ›     

LAS VEGAS, CES 2014 — Your smartphone and tablet will soon offer noticeably better performance than a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, thanks to NVIDIA’s new Tegra K1 processor, the successor to last year’s Tegra 4. The 192-core “Super Chip†will… Read more ›     

Rather than cruising the streets for candy, the guys at iFixit spent All Hollow’s Eve tearing down the new iPad Air with all the tender loving care we’ve come to appreciate from the fixit gurus. iFixit found few surprises during…

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Everyone knows that listening to podcasts is one of the most computationally complicated tasks you can possibly do. In fact, it was only a few years ago that anyone who wanted to listen to some anonymous Internet dork mouthbreathing his thoughts into a mic in low-fidelity audio had to purchase themselves a veritable supercomputer to […]

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Twitterrific-iPhoneTwitterrific, arguably the best third-party Twitter client for iOS right now, has been updated to take advantage of the new 64-bit A7 processor built into the iPhone 5s. It was one of the first Twitter clients to embrace iOS 7’s new design guidelines, and it appears to be the very first to support Apple’s new […]

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iPad-mini-2-Touch-IDSo let’s say for a second that Apple doesn’t ship a Retina iPad mini this year… but still decides to release a low-res iPad mini 2. How would they update it without a Retina Display? Touch ID, son. 64-bit support. And, of course, by spraying it gold. A couple of images of the upcoming iPad […]

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Quip Brings The Word Processor Out Of The Dark Ages

Quip is an odd new app that looks like it could be incredibly useful. It’s billed as a word processor, but it combines text editing with instant messaging, change tracking and sharing – plus it has a very cool interface. Oh, and it works on your iPhone, your iPad and your Mac (in the browser). [...]

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tsmcApple and Samsung are heated rivals when it comes to selling smartphones and tablets, but the two companies are still in bed behind the scenes. Samsung makes the majority of Apple’s processors for the iPhone and iPad, and there hasn’t been another manufacturer that’s capable of replacing Samsung’s assembly line prowess. Moves are being made [...]

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Jonathan Berg, aka “Dremel Junkie,” shares our love for the iMac G4. Rather than letting his old G4 waste away in some landfill, he decided to resurrect it by putting an Intel Ivy Bridge processor inside and using some hackery to get it running OS X Mountain Lion.

Even though there’s not much space inside the G4′s base, Jonathan was able to squeeze in a DVD burner, a Core i3 processor,  [Read More...]

With Apple having recently updated the iPad after a mere seven months, there’s been talk lately that instead of Cupertino’s schedule of annual updates, they might be moving to a bi-annual update schedule instead.

It doesn’t take a genius, then, to trace the newest rumor to mere speculation: according to a hit-or-miss Japanese Apple blog, Apple will release the iPad 5 in March, and it will have a chassis design similar  [Read More...]