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A9X processor packs a gigantic 12-cluster GPU but no L3 cache

The enormous iPad Pro has an appropriately huge graphics processor. A teardown analysis by electronics firm Chipworks has revealed details of the new A9X processor that powers the iPad Pro, including the 12-cluster GPU that’s twice as powerful as the A9 processor found in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Here’s a closer look at […]

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Apple is aiming for 6 cores in A10 processor

The iPhone 6s is the fastest smartphone on the planet, but according to a new rumor, Apple is planning to make a huge leap with its A10 processor in the iPhone 7 that will turn the device into an unbelievable speed machine. It seems a bit early to start talking about the iPhone 6’s processor […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Chip makers are already scrambling over Apple’s A10 processor

The first Apple devices to boast A9 chips aren’t even out yet, and already manufacturers are fighting it out to get a piece of the next-next-gen A10 order action — which are likely to make their debut with the iPhone 7 in…Read more ›

This guy built a working word processor inside Minecraft

Playing games and being productive are two activities that just don’t mix, but thanks to a Minecraft player that goes by the name of Koala Steamed, you can now construct a fort while you type up your class papers. Steamed has spent two years building…Read more ›

We’re the chips in America: Apple could build A9 processor in the U.S.

GlobalFoundries, a.k.a. the largest silicon foundry in the United States, is pushing to to become a mobile device chipmaker for Apple, according to a new report. On the back of the enormous success of the iPhone 6, the battle to build…Read more ›

Special A8X processor could power Apple’s jumbo iPad

Apple’s new A8 processor in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is the fastest, most powerful processor born from the Mothership, but when it comes time to power Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad early next year, Apple reportedly plans to give it…Read more ›

Supposed iPhone 6 benchmarks hint at faster A8 processor, same 1GB RAM

Apple’s iPhone event is now just a matter of hours away, and if you’re hoping for some surprises, you should look away now. We already have a pretty solid idea what the iPhone 6 is going to look like, and thanks…Read more ›

Leaked logic board confirms NFC and A8 processor on iPhone 6

The iPhone 6′s NFC chip has been spotted for the first time, according to images of an supposedly leaked iPhone 6 logic board that’s been fully assembled with Apple’s next-generation A8 processor, NFC chip, and another chip from Avago Technologies.…Read more ›

Apple’s next-gen A9 processor is already ahead of schedule

Apple is still reliant on Samsung for many of the iPhone’s internal components, including the fabrication of its almighty A-series processors, but in an effort to secure more processor orders from Apple, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is already ahead…Read more ›

Apple’s 2.0 GHz A8 processor will leave the A7 in the dust

The rumormill is reaching a fever pitch when it comes to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6, and one of the hottest new reports concerns the handset’s alleged A8 chip. While we’ve been seeing a new A-series processor each year, there’s still…Read more ›