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New iPhone’s A9 processors enter mass production

Having spent the best part of 2015 battling over who would win orders from Apple, TSMC and Samsung have both started volume production of the new A9 chips for the upcoming iPhone 6s, according to a new report. Things haven’t been…Read more ›

Intel Broadwell processors could slim MacBook Air to just 9mm thick

The Apple rumor mill has been abuzz for months with whispers that the company plans to release an even thinner MacBook Air with a Retina display, and Intel’s new line of Broadwell processors could be the vital component that makes that makes…Read more ›

Ex-Apple Exec says Macs could run on ARM processors by 2016

Over the years, I’ve seen rumor after rumor that Apple would eventually abandon Intel chips in favor of ARM chips. And time after time, I’ve refuted those arguments, saying that a Mac running ARM processors is not likely to happen…Read more ›

Apple’s A8 Processors Will Be Built On Revolutionary 14nm Process [Rumor]

Although reports have surfaced that Apple may be building a top secret $ 10 billion chip fab, right now, the vast majority of Apple’s A-series chips are made by Samsung. This is obviously not an ideal situation, as it gives Apple’s…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Announces New iMac With Faster Intel Processors, New Graphics & Next-Gen Wi-Fi

new-iMacApple has today announced a new iMac update which sees the latest fourth-generation Intel quad-core Haswell processors, new graphics, next-generation Wi-Fi, and faster PCIe flash storage options added to the popular all-in-one desktop. “iMac continues to be the example that proves how beautiful, fast and fun a desktop computer can be,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s […]

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Retina MacBook Pros With Haswell Processors May Not Arrive Until October [Rumor]

Retina-MacBook-ProApple’s next-generation Retina MacBook Pros, which will be equipped with Intel’s latest Haswell processor, may not arrive until October, according to a new report from China Times. The machines were expected to make their debut in September, but due to yield issues affecting its high-resolution Retina display, Apple has had to delay the launch. Apple […]

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Samsung To Supply A9 Processors For iPhone 7 [Rumor]

Apple-A-processorsSamsung Electronics has reached a deal with Apple to supply A9 processors for the iPhone 7 from 2015, The Korea Economic Daily reports. Samsung has been producing Apple’s mobile processors since the iPhone first launched in 2007, but recent rumors have claimed the Cupertino company has been looking to take its business elsewhere. Apple and Samsung have […]

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Intel’s Next-Gen Haswell Processors Reveal What Will Likely Power The 2013 iMac

Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processor powers Apple’s 2012 iMac, and leaked details for Intel’s next-gen “Haswell” chips point towards the future in 2013. VR-Zone has gotten its hands on what it claims to be a leaked chart for Intel’s Haswell desktop architecture, slated to ship in the spring of 2013. Based on the leak, we may have the specs for what will power next year’s iMac.

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Samsung Backs Apple Into A Corner With 20% Price Hike On All Mobile Processors [Report]

Samsung currently supplies all of Apple’s mobile processors.

Samsung has dealt Apple a nasty blow by increasing the price of its mobile processors — the ones built into every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch — by 20%. According to a person familiar with negotiations between the two companies, Apple initially disapproved the price hike, but was forced to accept it with no replacement supplier available.

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Apple Looking To Drop Intel On The Mac For Its Own ARM-Based Processors [Rumor]

For years, the rumor mill has been saying that Apple is looking to ditch Intel’s processors in the Mac lineup. Since the rise of iOS, Apple’s own “A” series chips have powered products like the iPhone and the iPad. Apple is a company known for wanting complete control over every facet of product design, including the innards of its Macs.

Apple has partnered with Intel on the Mac for  [Read More…]