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Apple tops estimates with $51.5 billion in profit in Q4

Apple’s earnings TK Wall Street’s expectations for fourth-quarter revenue thanks to strong sales of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which helped the company bring in $ 51.5 billion and quarterly net profit of $ 11.1 billion The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus set a new launch weekend record of 13 million units sold, helping […]

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For developers, WWDC means more work but not necessarily more profit

The Worldwide Developers Conference brings new opportunities and new threats for indie developers. If you’re lucky, Apple introduces an API that could enhance your app. If you’re unlucky, Apple launches a new feature that renders your app obsolete. One thing is certain: Whatever…Read more ›

Apple broadens its supply chain to maximize profit margins

Apple is reportedly keeping its options open when it comes to selecting manufacturing partners for the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch by broadening the number of companies it contracts work out to. In other words, those supply-and-demand issues that have hit…Read more ›

Indie dev parodies internet life for fun and profit

Nathalie Lawhead speaks swiftly, a gentle European lilt in her accent. On the screen behind her is a random-seeming collection of internet memes rendered in outsider art chic. At first glance, her games look absolutely absurd, random, and ridiculous. “If…Read more ›

Apple shatters records with $74.6 billion in revenue, $18 billion in profit for Q1 2015

The numbers are finally in for Apple’s Q1 2015 financial quarter, and just as predicted, Apple blew away its own projections with a record-breaking $ 74.6 billion in revenue, leading to $ 18 billion in net profits. Both profit and revenue topped…Read more ›

Apple willing to sacrifice profit margins to meet incredible iPhone 6 demand

Tim Cook wasn’t kidding when he said that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were proving to be Apple’s most popular iPhones of all time. Two new reports coming out of Apple’s Chinese supply chain today demonstrate the extent to…Read more ›

Samsung Made $1.43 Billion More In Profit Than Apple In Q3 2013

Galaxy-S-III-iPhone-Samsung-AppleApple just released it’s Q3 2013 earnings report and even though iPhone sales were up to 31.2 million units in the quarter, compared to 26 million last quarter, the company only posted a net profit of $6.9 billion. Samsung on the other hand reported that it made $8.33 billion in profit during the same quarter. Apple […]

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Apple Announces Q3 2013 Earnings: $35.3 Billion Revenue And $6.9 Billion Profit

apple-sign-logo-234Apple has announced the results for its third fiscal 2013 quarter ahead of the earnings call this afternoon. The company reported revenue of $35.3 billion and a net profit of $6.9 billion, or $7.47 per diluted share. Wall Street’s consensus was on $35.18 billion in revenue, and Apple’s own prediction for the quarter was $33.5-$35.5 billion in revenue. Full […]

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Remove Those Pesky Default Apps From The Dock For Fun And Profit [OS X Tips]

OK, maybe not profit.

OK, maybe not profit.

After I wrote a tip on removing icons from the new Mountain Lion Dock a while back, I got a few questions from readers who weren’t quite able to make it work.

Cult of Mac reader, Diane, emailed and said, “well, it sounds good…..But none of your suggestions work on my computer. when I let go, it still zooms back. when I trash it, it  [Read More…]

Apple Beats Revenue Estimates With Q2 2013 Results, Sinks Low On Profit


Apple has released its financial results for the second fiscal quarter of 2013. The Cupertino company reported $ 43.6 billion in revenue and a net profit of $ 9.5 billion. That translates to earnings of $ 10.09 per diluted share.

Wall Street has been incredibly pessimistic towards Apple in recent months, but today’s results for revenue managed to surpass even the more bullish claims. Apple’s estimates for the next quarter are even more  [Read More…]