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Dr. Dre donates new album profits to Compton art center

Dr. Dre hasn’t given us a new album in over 15 years, but he just gave us another great reason to scoop up his upcoming album, Compton, when it drops tomorrow, after the doc has promised to donate his proceeds from the album to build a performing-arts center for kids in his hometown. During an […][Read More…]

Apple hoovers up 92 percent of smartphone profits

Anyone wanting an illustration of why smartphone unit sales are not the single most important metric for judging success should check out wealth management company Canaccord Genuity’s findings about Apple’s iPhone sales versus profits. According to Canaccord Genuity, despite selling less than 20 percent…Read more ›

Samsung profits continue to tumble as Galaxy S6 falls flat

If there’s one area Samsung would dearly love to copy Apple it’s not smartwatches or tablets or store design or even smartphones — but profits. Despite protesting earlier reports that the Galaxy S6 was proving to be a gigantic sales…Read more ›

How Beats maximizes cheap hardware for luxurious profits

A teardown of a set of Beats headphones, which sell for hundreds of dollars at retail, revealed that the hardware contains less than $ 18 in components. And that sounds like the ‘phones are an insane ripoff, but that’s not even…Read more ›

Apple accounts for 93% of smartphone industry profits

Things couldn’t be going better for Apple on the iPhone front. The company just posted the most profitable quarter ever in the history of corporations thanks to strong iPhone sales. And according to the latest report from Cannacord, Apple is…Read more ›

Samsung profits fall thanks to poor smartphone sales

2014 wasn’t a great year in Samsung land. The company has just issued its earnings guidance for the year’s fourth quarter — and the news isn’t good. With operating profit standing at 5.2 trillion won (around $ 4.74 billion) for the…Read more ›

Rovio CEO steps down as Angry Birds profits plummet

Are we seeing the collapse of freemium game makers as the monster money spinners they were a year or so back? Following the recent news that the recently-public Candy Crush Saga maker King had posted a disappointing quarter in terms of…Read more ›

Apple and Samsung now control 106% of smartphone profits

The smartphone wars truly are a two company race. Apple and Samsung are dominating the competition so badly that a new report from Canaccord Genuity claims the two tech giants account for 106% of global smartphone profits. Take a look at…Read more ›

Foxconn Profits Jump 41 Percent On The Back Of Strong iPhone Sales

foxconn-denies-strike-reportRemember how just a few months ago, Foxconn profits were slumping because — as the anti-Apple brigade hysterically shrieked — the iPhone 5 was a dud, and the iPhone’s meteoric rise in popularity was finally done? Yeah, well, Foxconn just posted a 41 percent year-over-year increase in profit, driven by strong iPhone sales. During the […]

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Foxconn Profits Slumping Due To Void Of New iPhones & iPads

iSlave-iPhone-5-FoxconnIt’s been a stagnant year so far for new Apple product announcements, and Foxconn, Apple’s biggest manufacturing partner, is starting to feel the pitch: sales are down 12.6 this year, against a target of 15% growth. And in response, Foxconn’s looking to become a lot less dependent upon Apple, who generated 60 percent of the […]

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