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Apple Supplier Foxconn Posts Record Profits Thanks To iPhone Production Improvements


As Apple has become more successful over the last few years, Hon Hai Precision Industry’s (Foxconn) financial fortunes have been more tightly bound to Apple’s than ever before.

If things are going well for Foxconn, then Apple’s probably doing pretty well too, so investors were happy to hear that Foxconn just posted its most profitable quarter ever thanks to improved production efficiency of the iPad and iPhone 5.

Bloomberg reported  [Read More…]

Apple And Samsung Grabbed 103% Of Cellphone Profits In 2012


When it comes to smartphone manufacturers, right now there are really only two companies that really matter – Apple and Samsung. Not only do they both have the most marketshare, but they’re making a ton of profit. In fact, they’re making so much money that the two companies combined account for 103% of the total cellphone profits of 2012.

Wait, isn’t it impossible to account for 103% of the profit? Well,  [Read More…]

Here’s How Insane Apple’s Profits Have Been In 2012 Next To Their Competition [Graph]


When you just look at the money Apple made in 2012 it’s pretty incredible. But when you provide some context to those earnings and put Apple’s profits next to the competition’s profits, Apple’s performance is absolutely mindboggling.

From October 2011 to September 2012 Apple made more money than Microsoft, Ebay, Google, Yahoo! Facebook and Amazon combined. In that same period, Dell, Asus, Intel, Acer, IBM, Lenovo, and HP (basically the  [Read More…]

Apple TV Is A Hobby Because It Doesn’t Bring In Enough Profits Yet

During the Q4 financial call today, Tim Cook was asked about the future of the Apple TV and whether it will continue to be a hobby, or maybe something more. Of course Tim Cook wouldn’t talk about any future plans for the Apple TV, but he did explain why Apple is slower to make improvements to the Apple TV.

Even though Apple sold 1.3 million Apple TVs in Q4, Cook said  [Read More…]

Apple and Rival Samsung Claim 90% of Profits from Mobile Handset Industry

If you’re looking for an example of dominance in the mobile handset space, search no further than Apple and Samsung. On Thursday, UBS Investment Research published a note to investors showcasing just how dominant the two tech giants are when it comes to cleaning up profits in mobile. The report authors find that 9 out of every 10 dollars generated in this space goes to Apple and Samsung. “The performance disparity between the stronger players  [Read More…]

Apple Banks 75% of Mobile Phone Profits With 9% of Units Sold

Apple seems to have reached new heights in unit sales and revenues but its devices seem to have won over 75% of the mobile phone profits with just 9% of units sold in the market. Despite its relatively low share of al units, Apple still managed to take in the most revenues and earns by far.Asymcowriter Horace Dediu, who is a former Nokia analyst, graphically depicted this for everyone to see: Dediu previously presented how  [Read More…]

Apple Converts 4% Market into 56% Mobile Profits

Photo: shapeshift

Heres a good riddle: What has just four percent of the market, yet pockets more than half of the profits? The answer is Apple, the tech giant known for squeezing every ounce of profit from its iconic products. According to one analyst, Apple took 4.2 percent of the mobile handset market and transformed it into 52 percent of industry profits. Neat trick, huh? For Apple, the note by  [Read More…]

iOS is ‘PWNING’ Nintendo’s Profits

Apple is completely wiping Nintendo’s popularity off of the face of the earth. It was shortly after the release of the Nintendo 3DS that Nintendo had to downsize the price. Why? The iPod touch and the iPhone 4, which used to cost less than the Nintendo 3DS, proved to be a more popular gaming solution than any game that Nintendo game creators could whip up. No one wanted to buy $30+ game cartridges anymore. The  [Read More…]

The iPhones Success Could Put Apple Profits at Risk But Apples Stock Is Still Worth Up To $540 A Share

Credit: aresauburn/flickr

The downside of the iPhones gargantuan success as a money maker for Apple is that it can also have an outsized impact on Apple profits. The iPhone contributes 49.2 percent of Apple stock value, one analyst warns. Wall Street also said the iPad has replaced the iPod as the tech giants halo product, buoying sales of other Apple products. Even so, at least one analyst thinks that Apple could  [Read More…]

The Results Are In, Apple Tops Microsoft In Quarterly Sales, Profits

Microsoft today released its Q3 2011 financial results and they’re good with the numbers beating those expected by all the analysts with net income reaching a staggering $ 5.23billion.

Despite these results however, Apple has managed to beat them with regards to profit, as noted by TechCrunch’s MG Siegler.

Last October, despite Apple pulling ahead in revenue, the  [Read More…]