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Hackers Are Making Progress On iOS 6 Jailbreak Before Apple Even Releases A Beta

Hackers are one step ahead of Apple when it comes to iOS 6.

Apple is expected to give us a sneak peek at iOS 6 during its Worldwide Developers Conference this June, and after its announcement, the company is likely to issue the first beta to registered developers. Until then, no one knows what iOS 6 will have in store for us, but that isn�t preventing hackers from making progress on  [Read More…]

More Progress Made on Untethered iPhone 4S Jailbreak

There are many eager iPhone 4S users waiting for iPhone hacker�@pod2g�to jailbreak. Earlier today we�reported�about his update regarding caching issues he was experiencing with the 4S jailbreak. It seems that the obstacle has been overcome. In an update to his blog post, the iPhone hacker acknowledged that he had solved the A5 chip cache issue, which means the iPhone 4S jailbreak is in its final stretch.

His recent blog post mentioned the following:

I discussed with  [Read More…]

Mike Elgan on Macbreak Weekly: Jobs Wasnt Evil, He was a Work in Progress

Technology columnist and occasional Cult of Mac (CoM) contributor Mike Elgan was on Macbreak Weekly Tuesday talking about his recent CoM piece, �In Defense of Steve Jobs.� The story led to an interesting dialogue between he and Leo Laporte, one with a Jobsian twist I�d never heard before.


Essentially, Mike says many of the horrendous grievances Jobs affected on others, the ones we hear about like him ripping off Steve Wozniak, were the cause of youth and  [Read More…]

Developer Makes Progress On Porting Siri To The iPhone 4 [Video]

According to a report Steven Troughton-Smith has made progress on porting the Siri voice assistant to the iPhone 4. The resulting ported version of Siri isn�t ready for prime time so I wouldn�t get to excited just yet and return that iPhone 4S you bought yesterday.

Steven has worked exclusively with 9to5Mac to port the iPhone 4S Siri voice assistant system to the iPhone 4. The hack is in its starting  [Read More…]

Track Your iPhone 4S Shipping Progress in Realtime With Just Your Phone Number [How-To]

Screen Shot 2011 10 12 at 11 46 35 AM

Are you getting antsy to get your shiny new toy but Apple is still showing your iPhone 4S as �Preparing for Shipment�? I�m not sure why the Apple system is not showing actual tracking for many, but trust me, your iPhone is likely already on the move. Follow the simple steps below to  [Read More…]

iPhone App Takes Pics of Crimes in Progress

Developed by a crime victim, a new app called ThugsMug promises to snap pics of perps while misdeeds are in progress to provide evidence.

Launched July 24, the�$4.99 app�bills itself as �World�s First Safety Protection App for iPhone & iPad 2.� That�s not strictly true, we�ve alerted you to a number of ICE (in case of emergency) apps like�Silent Bodyguard�which equips users with a panic button. This may be the  [Read More…]

How to See Your OS X Lion Download Progress

In case you�ve been living under a rock, Apple has released OS X Lion for $ 30 in the Mac App Store. Lion was made available this morning for download, and will be sold at Apple stores on a USB thumb drive in August.

If you�ve started downloading Lion, you may notice that it takes a lot longer to download than most apps. That�s because it weighs in at a hefty 4GB.  [Read More…]

Android Port to 3GS and A4 Progress Report

Click the image to open in full size.

It has been quite sometime since word of the Android operating system being ported to the iPhone has been big news or an issue of public excitement. When Android on the iPhone originally hit the presses, everyone was on it and it was a hot topic for the entire summer of 2010. The latest release was the successful Android port to the iPhone 3G last year. The  [Read More…]

iPhone 4 NCK Unlock Baseband 2.10.04 And 3.10.01 Progress Update

It seems that iPhone Dev-Team successfully dumped the seczone to do the brute force NCK cracking offline. It also looks like they were able to capture the official NCK key from their carrier which they needed to �decode� the encryption algorithms that are used to generate the NCK key. That way, in combination with the NORID and CHIPID (and likely some additional information from the baseband), they will be able to generate the NCK for every unique device out there.  [Read More…]

Unlock 2.10.04 / 3.10.01 – iPhone 4 Unlock [New Progress]

Good News for iPhone 4 Unlock by MuscleNerd has announced some new progress on the iPhone 4 unlock project for basebands 2.10.04 / 3.10.01, the news are related to the iPhone 4 NCK unlock which they are now concentrated to crack the NCK’s 40 bit code. MuscleNerd has confirmed via his Twitter account that he finally got the SecZone dumper working.

Someone Asking MuscleNerd: Anything positive coming about your NCK attempts? MuscleNerd Replying: finally got the SecZone  [Read More…]