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A new book about Steve Jobs is coming later this month, and it’s the first look at the late Apple co-founder that the company has aided in making since Walter Isaacson’s biography. Becoming Steve Jobs is written by Brent Schlender… Read more ›

New app promises to give your iPhone a 32MP camera

How would you like an app that transforms your regular 8-megapixel iPhone 6 camera into a 32-megapixel one? Okay, so it’s not exactly as miraculous as it sounds, but photography app Hydra is a worthy tool to add to your… Read more ›

The research reads like a Surgeon General’s warning: Prolonged periods of sitting can lead to obesity, heart disease, blood clots and spinal compression, according to the latest medical studies. To combat this modern office horror, an artist and an architecture… Read more ›

Bullish activist-investor Carl Icahn is back again! In a tweet sent earlier today, Icahn noted that he plans to send Tim Cook an open letter tomorrow. The contents of this letter are unknown, but Icahn promises it will be “interesting,” to… Read more ›

Since the airing of Apple’s iconic “1984″ commercial to launch the Macintosh, tech companies have had a special relationship with the Super Bowl. Now Apple is one of several tech giants — also including Google, Yahoo and Intel — which… Read more ›

The most addicting game to ever hit the App Store will make its triumphant return in August. Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen tells CNBC that he has a new version in the works.  Nguyen pulled the title from the App Store at… Read more ›

If video killed the radio star, then the iPod helped kill the cassette tape. Although perhaps not permanently enough. According to new reports, Sony has developed a new magnetic tape capable of holding 148GB of data per square inch —… Read more ›

Refresh Complete Screen & Keyboard Cleaning Kit by Techlink Category: Cleaning Kit Works With: iMac, MacBook Price: £19.95 ($ 33.38) Chalk it up to the state of modern life if you want — where we’re much more comfortable looking at an iPhone… Read more ›     

In a tweet earlier in the day on Saturday, Dong Nguyen–developer of the wildly popular iOS and Android game, Flappy Bird–apologized to fans while simultaneously promising to take his game down, assumedly from the various app stores it’s been selling… Read more ›     

LAS VEGAS, CES 2014 – Withings isn’t content with looking after your body throughout every waking hour of your life. Now it wants to make like some kind of Inception-style doctor and keep an eye on your dreams too, with… Read more ›