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15 Website Templates To Promote Your App For $24 [Deals]

You’ve created a great app. Maybe you learned how to code it up through the Learn To Code Bootcamp Bundle, but do you have your website ready for it? I blows my mind how many times I try to learn more about an app (especially when I want to review it) and the website either isn’t complete or just looks…bad.

Let me give you some advice (don’t forget way, way back  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs was Asked by Creator of LSD to Help Promote Therapeutic Uses of the Drug

Steve Jobs, LSD, and Albert Hoffman The late Steve Jobs has always been unapologetic about his usage of LSD, openly proclaiming his experiences with the drug were some of the “most important things I have done in my life” and even criticizing Bill Gates for not indulging in the substance. Those statements didn’t go unnoticed by Albert Hofman, the man who created LSD in a Swiss lab in the 1930?s, who  [Read More…]