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When it comes to promoting his work, photographer is all ‘thumbs’

To get a “thumbs-up” from art directors, photographer Justin Poulsen provided the thumb. In an act of creative expression that Van Gogh would appreciate, the Toronto-based Poulsen sent out his work on thumb drives that he made to look like…Read more ›

Google Is Heavily Promoting Google Maps For iPhone In Web Search On iOS

Google Maps for iPhone rocketed to the top of the App Store in just 7 hours, and today Google confirmed that the app was downloaded over 10 million times in less than 48 hours. Those are crazy numbers. People clearly wanted the triumphant return of Google Maps to iOS, but how many downloads are a result of Google’s own promoting?

It’s not news that Google makes it impossible to send  [Read More…]

Apple Begins Promoting iOS 6 Maps Alternatives In The App Store

Not only has Apple apologized for the embarassing state of iOS 6 Maps today, and not only has Tim Cook personally advised users to try competing app products like Bing, Mapquest and Google Maps as they get iOS 6 Maps’ shit together, but Apple is now promoting Maps alternatives at the very top of the iOS App Store listings. This is an unprecedented admission of fault by Apple. It’s mea culpas  [Read More…]