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Solarpad. Finally, A Proper Solar Charger For Hikers And Bikers

At an RRP of $ 200, the Solarpad isn’t the cheapest solar charger for your iPhone, but it does aim to be the best. Every detail has been tweaked to squeeze the last drop of juice from the Sun’s photons, from…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Djay For iPad Adds Dual Stereo Output For Proper Song Cueing

DJing on the iPad just got real. Or something. I'm not really sure if that's how disc jockeys speak. What I do know is that Algoriddim's Djay 1.6 adds some major new features thanks to iOS 6. What kind of features? Oh, you know… Just things like full dual stereo outputs for monitoring and playing different songs at the same time.

It's called "multi-route audio", and if you have a USB or HDMI audio  [Read More…]

Next iPhone Will Only Have An 8-Pin Dock Connector, iOS 6 Will Make A Proper iPod nano Watch Possible [Rumor]

We have written before about why we believe that Apple will adopt a 19-pin dock connector for the next iPhone, but a curious report this morning suggests that, instead, Apple will get by with only eight. In addition, iOS 6 will feature a new Bluetooth 4 bridging feature that will finally make a proper iPod nano watch possible. Interesting!

Over at iLounge, Editor Jeremy Horowitz writes:

According to two sources,  [Read More…]