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Luxury aluminum case protects your iPhone, hides your credit card

Those iPhone cases that hold cash and credit cards are fine as long as you want to look like you’re carrying your mother’s wallet. Luxury accessories design company Gresso has a solution to return your overriding need to be practical back to cool. It has designed a stylish aircraft aluminum iPhone 6 case that has […]

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Hand-stitched leather case is as classy as the MacBook it protects

I’ve tried a lot of cases for my Mac notebooks over the years, from a dorky aluminum briefcase for my white “icebook” iBook through cheap, zip-up neoprene sleeves and on to bulky, custom-fitted, shock-absorbing monsters. But the elegant, simple and…Read more ›

In A World Of Colorful Plastic iPhone Fashion Accessories, A Black Leather Case That Protects

We’re really stoked to show off this sleek and slim premium leather iPhone case from CaptCase. The all-round magnetically closing case encloses and protects your phone back and front without covering up the earpiece during calls, with a little slot for listening. It also has some other nice features such as a slender back-pocket for stashing in cards and cash, so you can ditch your wallet and travel light. If you  [Read More…]

Lioncase’s NYHK Case Is As Easy On The Eye As The Retina MacBook Pro It Protects

Lioncase’s NYHK (New York Hong Kong) case for the iPad is a leather celebration of monosyllabic place names. It is also one of the lightest and slimmest cases around, and it is the one that the Lady still chooses despite the flood of test cases (pun intended) which sweep through our home.

Now the lightweight case has been expanded to fit the MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch. GONE! is the brittle iPad-holding shell  [Read More…]

The Ronin iPhone 5 Case Is Beautiful, But Costs As Much As The Phone It Protects [Review]

Element ronin iphone 5 6

Made from rare woods, leather, and nickel-plated aluminum, Element’s Ronin iPhone 5 case is definitely one of the most beautiful and finely crafted cases I’ve seen. But at $ 180, its price might be hard from some to swallow.

The Good

Everything about the Ronin feels premium. Its Nickel-plated aluminum top and bottom have a lovely silver shimmer and look striking. They also fit like a glove  [Read More…]

The Crimson Case Protects Your iPhone With Aircraft-Grade Aluminum [Review]

Crimson iphone 5 case 8

In my line of work, I see a lot of plastic-y, rubbery, or other kinds of cheaply-made iPhone cases. So when I saw Crimson’s new iPhone 5 case, looking all svelte and made from the same aluminum they bolt into Boeing planes, I just had to see if it was truly first class, or just another case made for coach.

The Good

I often find I don’t like  [Read More…]

Ace Case Pointlessly Protects iPhone Camera

The iPhone’s camera is a little wonder, not least in its actual physical manifestation. The tiny lens is now capped with a crystal cover made from the same scratch-shrugging glass used for high-end watches. And all it takes to clean off the daily gunk is a quick rub on your pants leg.

But that hasn’t stopped the folks at Ace Display (ace name, BTW!) from designing a redundant case to protect and clean that same  [Read More…]

Somersault Slim Bag Protects Your iPad While You Use It On The Mean Streets [Review]

iBackFlip’s Somersault Slim bag for the iPad

Back in June, I reviewed the Somersault from iBackFlip Studios, a novel sling-style backpack built to give you quick, on-the-go access to your beloved iPad. I liked the Somersault’s unique iPad-centric design, and so when the iBackflip guys asked me if I’d like to peep their new smaller and lighter Slim version ($ 79), I said “righto guv’nas!” Which of course, in colloquial British, means yes.

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The Dry Bag Protects Your iPhone From Water, Dirt, And Sand While You Frolic At The Beach [Review]

Think biologic dry bag 1

With a built-in waterproof headphone jack, Think Biologic says their $ 20 Dry Bag will keep your iPhone safe, clean, and dry in dirty conditions and in water up to three feet deepall while letting you use your iPhone like you normally would.

I was wary of the claim, so decided to put it to the test.

The Good

The first time I submerged my beautiful white  [Read More…]

G?Form iPad Extreme Sleeve Protects iPad from Falling Bowling Balls

Click the image to open in full size. The iPad has countless options available when it comes to protective sleeves and cases, but how many of them can protect a precious iPad from a falling bowling ball drop of three feet? G?Form has announced the iPad Extreme Sleeve, a soft flexible, water resistant sleeve that is so tough, it can protect an iPad from just about any random bowling ball attack. G-Form is best  [Read More…]