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Spain’s strict protest laws can’t stop marchers made of light

Spain’s government has passed a series of laws that criminalize some forms of protest. But authorities may find it challenging to arrest holograms. The group No Somos Delito, or We Are Not Crime, fired back at the government Friday using…Read more ›

Apple’s own security guards stage protest outside San Francisco Apple Store

A protest involving around 50 people blocked customers from entering the main doors of Apple’s flagship San Francisco Union Square retail store yesterday. The protest was related to service employees claiming to be underpaid. Organized by the Service Employees International…Read more ›

While activists protest animal abuse, tortoises get free iPads

An exhibit full of tortoises with iPads glued to their shells. Is this the next evolutionary stage of the family testudinidae? Hardly. It’s an art exhibit in Colorado’s Aspen Art Museum that has animal activists hopping mad. Slated to run…Read more ›

Apple Fans Unite To Counter Protest Westboro Church in Cupertino [Photo]

The hate-mongers of the Westboro Church are out with their profane placards in Cupertino today, as we said they would be. Right now, theyre outside Cupertino High School, where Justin Li snapped this pic of a counter protester dressed in all black (is that a Jobsian turtleneck?) and sneakers with a sign making a mockery of the church members display. Later, Westboro has said it will try to ruin the  [Read More…]

Westboro Baptist Church Puts Out Call To Protest Steve Jobs Funeral Using Twitter for iPhone

Those mother$ @#!-ers! The hate mongering, homophobic sons of bitches at the Westboro Baptist Church are already planning on protesting Steve Jobs funeral. And without a hint of irony, they put out the call for the protest using Twitter for iPhone. Those evil, detestable idiots.   The call to protest Steve Jobs funeral was made by Margie Phelps, daughter of Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church whose  [Read More…]