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Video showing ‘iPhone 7 prototype’ is as believable as an alien autopsy

A somewhat sketchy video showing a supposed iPhone 7 prototype has surfaced online, sparking speculation that Apple will ditch the bezel and physical Home button for next year’s iPhone handset. The prototype also depicts a centered main camera with no visible LED flash. Rumors of the lack of Home button and bezel-free display for a next-gen […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Prototype iPad stolen in Cupertino home robbery

A “test model” iPad was stolen in a home robbery earlier this month along with other valuables. Suspects have been arrested, but the stolen goods have been found. “The robbers took the device, along with electronics, prescription drugs and cash…Read more ›

Fake ‘Apple Watch prototype’ sells for hundreds on eBay

We still don’t have a launch date for Apple Watch, but if you can’t wait to line up at Apple Stores for Jony Ive’s timepiece, you can now do that next best thing and buy a knock off on eBay.…Read more ›

The only Apple Watch accessory at CES is an unfinished prototype

LAS VEGAS — In a sea of iPhone cases and other Apple-related gizmos, one would expect to find at least a few Apple Watch accessories at CES. Sure, the Watch itself won’t come out for probably a few more months, but…Read more ›

Why Steve Jobs drowned the first iPod prototype

Every once in a while an anecdote comes along that so perfectly describes the late Steve Jobs’ vision, that it’s a perfect metaphor for Apple as a whole. This might be my favorite of those anecdotes. Originally posted on Quora…Read more ›

‘Prototype’ iPhone 6 that nearly won 100K finally sells on eBay

Remember the iPhone 6 “prototype” that was listed on eBay and almost sold for $ 100,000 before getting mysteriously pulled? It was relisted last week and just sold for $ 11,100. The seller got what he thought was a brand new iPhone 6 from Verizon…Read more ›

iPhone prototype seller can’t wait for Apple to squash $100K eBay auction

As a prototype iPhone 6 on eBay shoots above $ 100,000, the seller is just dying to hear from Apple. Although the company might cancel the auction, as it has done with several secret prototypes in the past, the seller is…Read more ›

Alleged iPhone 6 prototype selling for $14.5k on eBay

Want to own a super-rare prototype iPhone 6, as accidentally sent out to a Verizon customer? You’d better have six-figures to spare. The alleged prototype in question has appeared on eBay, running the internal Apple applications the company uses to…Read more ›

Rare portrait-mode Mac prototype up for auction

From a rare Apple Lisa computer to the original rainbow-colored signs from the Cupertino offices there have been some great Apple items up for auction as of late. Now you can add “rare Mac prototype” to that list. A prototype model made…Read more ›

Original iPhone Prototype Sells On eBay For A Hefty $1,499

Occasionally a rare piece of Apple gear will appear on eBay and be suddenly pulled. Why? Apple doesn’t like it when its internal hardware gets exposed out in the wild. But sometimes a prototype slips through Cupertino’s watchful eye and…Read more ›    [Read More…]