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Fully-assembled iPhone 6s display could prove Force Touch is incoming

GeekBar – a generally reliable Chinese site behind a series of schematic and parts leaks about upcoming Apple releases – has published new images of what they claim is a fully-assembled display for the iPhone 6s. The three photos show the front and back views of a display unit which they claims will go into […][Read More…]

Rare tour tries to prove Foxconn isn’t the hellhole we thought it was

Having been the subject of Pulitzer Prize-winning reports and BBC documentaries, the questionable standards of conditions at Apple supplier Foxconn’s factories has made the company notorious, while its work building iPhones has made it rich. But a new tour of…Read more ›

10 hilarious memes that prove Brian Williams can’t escape the internet

Brian Williams may be waiting for the brew hahah to wear off of his “mis-remember” of which helicopter he was in during the 2003 conflict in Iraq, but the internets will just not let it go. He might have just…Read more ›

Ink and water mix beautifully, and these photos prove it

If you look at the work of photographer and graphic artist Alberto Seveso, you might inadvertently feel you’re in the throes of a Rorschach inkblot test. You are staring at ink for sure and, mesmerized, you can’t help but process…Read more ›

Xiaomi earnings prove copying Apple doesn’t pay off

Xiaomi has quickly become the world’s third most popular smartphone maker, but according to a 2013 financial filing released by the privately held company, it doesn’t pay to copy your way to the top. In 2013 Xiaomi made a meager…Read more ›

Here’s How Much The iPhone Camera Has Improved And The Images To Prove It



One enterprising soul over on the Apple boards at Reddit has taken a bunch of comparison photos from the Camera+ app website and put them together to show just how far the iPhone camera has come, with the same image taken with the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G and 3GS, the iPhone 4 and 4s, and then the iPhone 5.

The difference between the first and last photos is stunning, but  [Read More…]

Samsung Begs To See Apple’s iOS Source Code To Prove Patent Infringement

Show us the source code!

Show us the source code!

Samsung has gone before the Seoul Central District Court to ask to see Apple’s iOS source code. The goal of seeing the source code is to confirm whether Apple’s iOS 6 infringes on any of Samsung’s software patents. Yes, this is the same Samsung that Apple won $ 1 billion+ in damages against for patent infringement in U.S. court last year.

Since  [Read More…]

Does This Video Prove Apple Could Sell You Anything?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFMPaUc_0zg]

Jony Ive is always so damn beautiful in every Apple product video. His gorgeous british accent just washes over my eardrums and magically hypnotizes me into buying whatever product Apple is pushing. Like, dude could sell me a mason jar of horse fat mixed with deadbutterfliesand pig’s blood and as long as Apple made a pretty video explaining why they made it, then I would be all about it.

To prove that point, Buzzfeed FWD mashed up Jony’s  [Read More…]

Why the New Smoking Gun Evidence Doesnt Prove Samsung Copied Apple [Opinion]

New evidence from inside Samsung appears to prove that Samsung copied Apples iPhone ideas and used them to design Samsungs Android phones.

As damning as the Relative Evaluation Report appears to be, it does NOT constitute proof that Samsung copied Apples ideas or infringed on Apples patents, and for 3 reasons.

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This Micro USB Adapter Might Just Prove Chinas More Important To Apple Than Europe

See that adapter in the picture above? Its an Apple 30 Pin Micro USB Adapter. And it might just prove that China is more important to Apple than Europe.   For the last few years, the European Union has been trying to (and recently succeeded in) pushing through a good intentioned but stupidly compromised law that would require all handset makers to end proprietary sync-and-charge cables and agree upon Micro  [Read More…]