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Apple Watch is great at many things like checking weather, tracking fitness, or sending notifications. But when it comes to surfing the web, Apple Watch is unsurprisingly the worst device for the task. An Apple Watch version of Safari wasn’t included… Read more ›

When you consider their overall functionality, and just plain popularity among kids, it’s no great revelation that the iPad has a bright future in the education market. Apple clearly think so too, as it’s pushed for some big deals in… Read more ›

Aaron Sorkin parodies have been doing the rounds since The West Wing started, but this one from Late Night with Seth Meyers is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Somewhat bizarrely it also does the best job of anything… Read more ›

My first impression? My goodness, this is the small one? The iPhone 6 is a big step up. It makes older iPhones look small. Ridiculously small. Even after a few days, my old iPhone 5s feels positively Lilliputian. The 6… Read more ›

Like your favorite 90s song, Things by Cultured Code is the todo app that many remember fondly, but can’t deny its outdatedness. Once an app worthy of an Apple Design Award, Things has languished in its pre-iOS 7 state for far… Read more ›

Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy and why should you care? Marvel Studios gave lucky fans a nice long look at the weird team of space heroes during an extended sneak preview of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy… Read more ›

App launchers on the Mac have always been geared toward power users, and lately tools like Alfred have become even more sophisticated, with user-created scripts and extensions. When Apple debuted the new Spotlight in OS X Yosemite at WWDC, it… Read more ›

Yesterday it was reported that Oscar-winning actor Christian Bale was in talks to play Steve Jobs for David Fincher’s upcoming biopic with Sony and Aaron Sorkin. While nothing has been confirmed, the rumor has already fueled some imaginations, as evidenced… Read more ›     

iQi Wireless Charger by Fone Salesman Category: Chargers Works With: iPhone 5/S Price: $ 21 plus ~$ 25 for charging pad Wireless charging is a beautiful concept that fails to live up to its promise in reality. That’s not to say it’s… Read more ›     

How bad does the other half — those who have never owned a MacBook — have it? Pretty bad, as this hysterical video showing what Macgasm (tongue-in-cheek?) says are a trio of Norwegian Microsoft employees hurling around a MacBook Pro… Read more ›