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How bad does the other half — those who have never owned a MacBook — have it? Pretty bad, as this hysterical video showing what Macgasm (tongue-in-cheek?) says are a trio of Norwegian Microsoft employees hurling around a MacBook Pro… Read more ›     

When people talk about Android’s “fragmentation” problem, what they are referring to is the fact that the majority of Android devices are not running the most current version of Google’s mobile operating system. The reason this is a big deal… Read more ›     

CoM - Empiretotalwarmainframe_3This is #BackToSchool week at Cult of Mac Deals. There will be several new deals launching each day. Check in here each day for new deals for #BackToSchool. There will be a ton of apps, gear, gadgets, games, and more to buy just in time for the start of school, so be sure to keep […]

The post The Total War Bundle Proves That Gaming On The Mac Keeps  [Read More...]

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Want to know why Steve Ballmer wakes up in a sweat at night, screaming at the shadows and clutching his hogshead-sized heart? Look at this chart of year-over-year growth rates of Windows PCs since the iPad came out, put together by the ever nuanced Horace Dediu at Asymco. When the iPad debuted, it immediately killed the PC industry as we know it.

In fact, as Dediu makes  [Read More...]

Cydia iPhone 5

As Apple matures iOS every year with new features, many worry that jailbreaking will lose its appeal. Are the glory days over? All signs point to no.

A highly-anticipated jailbreak called Evasi0n was unleashed yesterday for the full gambit of iOS devices, including the iPhone 5. So many people jailbroke at once that Cydia, the jailbreak alternative to the App Store, buckled under the weight for hours. Based  [Read More...]

Mick: he saw her today at the re-cep-shun

Mick: he saw her today at the re-cep-shun

This Day in the Rolling Stones is the latest app for music lovers of a certain age who want to find out exactly what Mick and the guys were up to every day of their careers. It wants to be all Hot Stuff) but ends up more like a Biggest Mistake.

Despite appearances, this is not  [Read More...]


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – Let’s be honest: any moron can crap out an iPhone case. Sketch out a quick model in CAD, send a few emails to someone in Shenzhen, and just a couple weeks later, a buttload of cheap plastic iPhone cases will hit your door. The fact that it’s literally this easy to make an iPhone case is what  [Read More...]

There are many who will tell you that you don’t need a case for your iPhone 5. Heck, even Apple thinks that between the new aluminum back and the strengthened Gorilla Glass 2, there’s no point in a case.

But as this picture shows — taken by a store owner with access to some iPhone 5 display units — the new aluminum back scratches just as easily as it ever did if  [Read More...]

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Here’s something to read over your morning cup of joe this morning: amassive 132 page report Apple released into evidence this morning in its trial against Samsung, proving without a doubt that this case is about a lot  [Read More...]

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is an invite-only event that centers on the video gaming industry. Held across two massive halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center, it is a draw for any journalist interested in games and gaming, and a source of endless news stories during the week in June it’s typically held. No matter where I looked at the Expo this year, I saw mobile games and mobile devices.  [Read More...]