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New images provide a closer look at Apple’s amazing spaceship HQ

Thanks to the wonder of drones, we’ve had a few airborne glimpses of Apple’s forthcoming Apple 2 campus in Cupertino. Until now, however, ground-level pictures have been in decidedly short supply. That changed yesterday, when Apple allowed reporters from San…Read more ›

Samsung will provide bulk of Apple’s A9 chips for iPhone 6s

Apple has been trying to wean itself from being dependent on Samsung’s smartphone components for years, but breaking up is proving nearly impossible to do. According to a report from Recode, Apple is turning back to Samsung to make the…Read more ›

The official Facebook app for iOS will now provide AMBER Alerts

The AMBER Alert network in your area is about to get more effective. Social networking giant Facebook announced today that it would be teaming up with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to provide AMBER Alerts through its…Read more ›

Get Siri to Provide Directions from Google Maps

Siri You’re probably aware that you can ask Siri for directions, and the personal assistant will route them for you through Apple Maps. This is an excellent feature to use while driving as it keeps you focused, and prevents you from poking around on the screen too much, which also happens to be an increasingly ticketable offense in some areas. But what if you’d rather use Google Maps for your directions?  [Read More…]

Will Zagg’s iOS Game Pad Finally Provide A Standard?

The Caliber Advantage is yet another iOS gaming pad, but this one has one major advantage: It comes from Zagg, well-known accessory maker and purveyor of some of the finest iPad keyboards known to mankind.

Like almost all other gamepads, the Caliber connects via Bluetooth. It also offers an analog stick and a built-in lithium polymer battery. But the really neat part is the layout: the small, iPhone-sized package opens out to become a  [Read More…]

Apple Ditched Google Maps In iOS 6 Because Google Wouldn’t Provide Voice Turn-By-Turn Navigation [Report]

Siri can give turn-by-turn directions in iOS 6, and that’s because Google refused to.

Apple’s new Maps application in iOS 6 has come under quite a lot of fire since its public release last week. Directions are wrong. Locations are incorrect. Apple has begged its customers to give the new Maps app time, but complaints still run rampant. The mapping data has definitely changed, and that’s because Apple abandoned Google  [Read More…]

SoHo Apple Store Reopening May Provide Clues to Bigger Retail Revamp

On Thursday, Apple confirmed the grand reopening of its SoHo store in Lower Manhattan scheduled for this Saturday, July 14th. At 10 a.m., when the doors open once again, customers will notice something different – an expanded Genius Bar, more plentiful seating, and more Apple products on display. “The Apple Store, SoHo, is completely redesigned and better than ever,” Apple said today. “There are more than twice as many products available for you to try.”  [Read More…]

TomTom and ‘Others’ Provide Mapping Data for iOS 6’s New Maps App

Apples new iOS 6 mapping has been beautifully done. The maps are gorgeous, informative, and quick at loading. Apple also let us know at WWDC 2012 yesterday that they are no longer using Google Maps as a mapping service in their native iOS Maps application and that they are now using their very own solution. So who exactly are they using for mapping services now? Taking a look in the Maps application in iOS 6,  [Read More…]

Tim Cook: Apple Does More Than Anyone To Provide Fair Worker Conditions, But We Can Do More

Speaking at todays Goldman Sachs keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook began by bluntly addressing charges of worker abuse in Apples supply chain: Apple will not rest until every worker is guaranteed a fair, safe working environment without discrimination and at a competitive salary. Any suppliers who dont take care of their workers will be fired.   First thing everyone should know is that Apple takes working conditions very seriously, and  [Read More…]

Devs Work to Provide Side-by-Side Apps on Apple TV

The popular iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith has been working with another developer named TheMudKip to add iOS application functionality to the Apple TV. As of right now, the tweak is still in its early stages but the concept of running apps has been proven. To accomplish the task of running iOS applications on the Apple TV, the developers re-wrote the software that powers the app launcher, otherwise known as the iOS Springboard. Re-writing the code  [Read More…]