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Apple met with top health insurance providers about HealthKit partnership

Apple is nearly ready to become the go-to place for healthcare providers to get all your personal fitness data, and along with meeting with hospitals to talk about the benefits of HealthKit, Apple has been talking to the countries biggest…Read more ›

Apple partners with major healthcare providers to make HealthKit even better

According to new reports, Apple has been meeting with major health providers to discuss its new HealthKit service, set to debut with iOS 8. Apple has supposedly meet with healthcare officials at Mount Sinai, the Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins,…Read more ›

For Apple Service Providers, Now There’s An App For That


GsxWarranty checks AppleCare status and service information

Most software released for Macs and iOS devices is designed for the general public – programs, utilities, games and Apple’s own website. But an important and growing industry exists behind the scenes to keep all that shiny Apple gear working.

GsxWarranty is a small utility for Macs, Windows PCs and iPhones which allows a technician to quickly check warranty status on Apple products. By entering  [Read More…]

Apple Working With Cable Providers To Stream Live TV To The Living Room [Report]

Will the current Apple TV simply evolve, or is Apple working on something much bigger?

The iPhone 5 and iPad mini sections of the rumor mill have been churning nonstop as of late, but there hasn’t been any rumors surrounding the future of the Apple TV for quite some time.

Today a report sheds more light on the future of the Apple TV by noting that Apple is in talks with major  [Read More…]

Sonys Revolutionary New TV Could Used Web-Based Services To Cut Out Cable Providers

Sony CEO Howard Stringer recently revealed the companys intentions to launch a revolutionary new television before Apple, and according to The Wall Street Journal, it will be a web-based alternative to the traditional set that will allow users to avoid the cable companies. But the service wont be exclusive to Sony TVs, according to the report. Itll also feature on Sonys PlayStation, and its Blu-ray players: Sony is proposing to  [Read More…]

Apple Working On a New iPad App to Compete with Cable Providers? [Rumor]

Today has been quite the day for rumors. Apples Lets Talk iPhone event is tomorrow, so everyone is getting in last minute speculation about what well see Cook and co. unveil onstage. Something from well-known blogger Robert Scoble has been largely overlooked: the claim that Apple is working on a new iPad app to compete with the likes ofDirecTV and other cable/dish providers. Scoble posted some info and thoughts about Apple,  [Read More…]