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Begun, the iOS 9 ad blockers legal wars has. Germany’s Axel Springer, a company which owns major newspapers like Bild and Die Welt, is trying to sue the developers behind Blockr, an ad blocker for iOS 9. The move comes through Axel Springer sub-company WeltN24, which aims to stop development of Blockr, as well as […]

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Glide helped Jim Dalrymple reboot his The Loop magazine into a gorgeous digital magazine way back in October of 2013; we’re excited to see how much progress the Glide publishing app, invented by Chris Harris, has made during the time… Read more ›

Apple has acquired Prss, a Dutch company that lets users easily create magazines for iPad and iPhone by way of a simple drag-and-drop interface, for selling in Apple’s Newsstand and other services like Kiosk. An inside source first reported the acquisition,… Read more ›

  We’ve gone on and on about the merits of Flowboard, a web-based platform that lets users easily create  media-rich stories or presentations and publish them onto its servers. Until now, the service has only been available as an iOS… Read more ›     

An iPhone shot from Jensen’s latest book “Wish You Were Here.”

Travis Jensen is a self-taught photographer with a day job who has just published his fifth book of street snaps.

Shot with an iPhone 4 plus Hipstamatic’s John S. Lens and Blackeys Supergrain Film, “Wish You Were Here – San Francisco Street Snaps,” was published in collaboration with the Franklin Street Whole Foods store with proceeds to benefit Larkin Street Youth  [Read More…]

UK-based Future publishing announced earnings over the past year, claiming over $ 8 million in digital magazine sales, with over 12 million app downloads and five million subscribers. It offers its array of tech and sports themed magazines via Apple’s Newsstand and “container apps,” like Zinio.

The company announced today that the success really only came after Newsstand was released, a little under a year ago. “Sales of digital editions on Apple  [Read More…]

Shortly after Steve Jobs passed away last October, rumblings around the tech industry suggested that we would continue to see projects and products born of Steve Jobs’ vision for many years into the future. As it turns out, yesterday gave us a glimpse at one such project originally devised by the late Apple co-founder. On Friday, one day removed from Apple’s introduction of iBooks 2 and the arrival of digital textbooks for the iPad, McGraw-Hill CEO  [Read More…]

Adobe has announced that it will add support for the iOS 5 Newsstand to its Digital Publishing Suite. This will provide an easy way for publishers to take advantage of the delivery system that Apple has established in the Newsstand iOS 5 app. Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite customers will be able to deliver high quality content optimized for iOS right to the virtual doorstep of Newsstand subscribers. Todd Teresi, vice president and general manager,  [Read More…]