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More than half of Tidal’s founders may have to pull their own music

  7 of the 15 artists with an ownership stake in Jay Z’s troubled Tidal streaming music service may have their music pulled from it as a result of Jay Z failing to reach a music licencing agreement with Sony,…

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Apple forces GoodReader to pull some iCloud Drive functionality from app

GoodReader is a popular document reader app that can view or read pretty much every type of document under the sun. The latest update to the app makes it more powerful than ever, introducing a new Speak feature that can…

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Apple reportedly plans to pull the plug on Beats Music

Apple’s $ 3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronic was supposedly anchored by the killer music service Tim Cook has touted in recent interviews, but according to a report from TechCrunch, Apple’s brand new music streaming service is already scheduled to be…

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Update: HealthKit bug forces Apple to pull fitness apps

A bug in HealthKit caused Apple to pull several fitness apps from its App Store Wednesday morning, just as the company was rolling out its long-awaited iOS 8 update. Apple said the problem could keep apps compatible with HealthKit, a…

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Apple gets ready to pull trigger on 2.5-inch iWatch

We’ve been trudging through a toxic hellstew of iWatch rumors for more than 18 months, but if rumors are to be believed, the world is about to finally see the fabled iWatch. Production on Apple’s first smartwatch is set to…

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This iPhone app scans your videos to pull fantastic still photos

There are some fantastic photos hidden in the videos you’ve shot on your iPhone over the years. You just need to know where to look. That idea’s the starting point for new iOS app Vhoto, which uses computer vision technology…

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Yahoo! Weather Update Adds Moon Phase Animation, Pull To Refresh, More

The stunningly gorgeous Yahoo! Weather app that inspired Apple’s own new iOS 7 app for iPhone and iPad has just gotten another update, adding some great features that only enhance the usability and beauty of the app. First of all,…

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Did Dev Pull Flappy Bird Because He Cheated?

The Flappy Bird saga will not die thanks to one question still on the minds of Flappy Bird fans – how did Flappy Bird’s wild success ruin creator Dong Nguyen’s life? Nguyen removed the game from the App Store and…

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Apple Asks Google To Pull Android’s iOS 7 Control Center Port

iOS-7-Control-Center-AndroidRemember that cool iOS 7 Control Center port for Android that hit Google Play earlier this month? Well, Apple obviously didn’t like it, and it has contacted Google to have it pulled. Fortunately for us, developer Hi Tools Studio has already released an updated version to Google Play, so go grab it before it disappears again. […]

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