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Jay Z has pulled his Blueprint albums from Apple Music

Rapper and Tidal entrepreneur Apple Jay Z has taken the step of removing his Blueprint albums from the majority of non-Tidal music services, including Apple Music and iTunes. The disappearance also covers other services including Google Play, Rhapsody, Amazon, and Spotify. A notable exception is Pandora, where the albums are still available. When asked for a comment, an Apple […]

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Hit iOS game pulled for Apple Tax evasion

Free-to-play mega hit Monster Strike was pulled from the App Store this past weekend for trying to get around Apple’s in-app purchase system. The app was offline on Saturday the 29th of August from 5:30 pm until around 1 am Sunday morning, costing the Japanese developer an estimated $ 600,000 in revenue. The Android version was […][Read More…]

Controversial weed-growing iOS game pulled from App Store after hitting No. 1 spot

Controversial cannabis-growing game Weed Firm has been booted out of the App Store. Essentially Farmville for stoners, the app put you in the role of a marijuana dealer, as you try to grow your business (literally)  and stay one step…Read more ›

Google Glass User Pulled Out Of Movie Theater And Accused Of Piracy

There are bound to be teething problems as Google Glass rolls out to users. Back in October last year, Cult of Android reported on the Glass user given a ticket for “driving with monitor visible to driver.” Now we have…Read more ›    [Read More…]

This Man Was Pulled Over For Talking On An iPhone-Shaped Cookie

Here’s a funny idea with a high potential to go wrong: bake a batch of cookies in the shape of iPhones, drive around pretending to talk on them, and then when you inevitably get pulled over, take a bite, look…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Has Pulled My Jony Ive Book Trailer

I had a jokey book trailer made to promote my new book about Jony Ive, Apple’s head designer. And Apple’s had it pulled off YouTube! The video wasn’t even public. It was unlisted. I offered a sneak peek to readers…Read more ›

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Janky Android iMessages Clone Pulled From Google Play Store

Probably a spoofing attempt to get your iTunes ID.Good thing you listened to us this morning when we posted about a new Google Play app that seemed to let you send Apple iMessages via an Android app. When something seems to good to be true, it usually is. In this instance, Google agrees, and has pulled the app from the Google Play Store […]

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Apple TV 6.0 Update Returns After Buggy Version Was Pulled

uploadIf you were one of the many Apple TV users who didn’t have a pleasant experience updating to the big 6.0 update a few days ago, it’s safe to re-download and try again. After there were widespread reports of the software bricking devices, Apple pulled the update from its servers. That happened earlier today, and […]

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Apple TV Update Pulled After User Reports Of Bricked Devices

Apple TV 6.0Friday, we reported that Apple TV was updated with a new v6.0 update, bringing with it features like AirPlay from iCloud and iTunes Radio. Today, however, Electronista reports that the update has been pulled. We’ve confirmed that the update is no longer available, as our un-updated Apple TV still says it has up to date […]

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Can’t Download VLC For iOS? Don’t Worry, It Hasn’t Been Pulled Again

vlc-errorVLC made a comeback on iOS today, but if you didn’t get it within a few hours after it became available, then you’re out of luck, because it has disappeared again. But don’t worry — it hasn’t been pulled; an App Store issue is preventing it from being found. We had feared that the pesky […]

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