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How to Turn Off In-App Purchases on iPhone & iPad with Screen Time

Do you want to stop your children from making unauthorized in-app purchases on any of the iPhones or iPads they use? Thanks to the Screen Time functionality within iOS and ipadOS, it’s fairly easy to disable these purchases on any Apple device. In this article, we’ll be discussing how you can turn off in-app purchases … Read More

How to Stop Fortnite Purchases on iPhone and iPad

Fortnite is the latest gaming craze that seemingly every kid, teenager, and some adults, are obsessed with. The cooperative shooter game may be tons of fun for the players, but what can be less fun is the discovery of a big expensive bill from Fortnite by way of in-app purchases. This article will show you … Read More

Apple lets German customers add iTunes purchases to phone bills

You may soon be able to make purchases in the iTunes store without a credit or debit card. Apple has been working with a phone carrier in Germany on an agreement that would let people pay for items as part of their phone bills. Users’ phone numbers, rather than credit cards or bank account numbers, […]

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In-app purchases flaw exposes developers to costly hacks

Sloppy coding in some popular iOS games allows hackers to give themselves and others thousands of dollars’ worth of in-app purchases for free. The hole was discovered by developers at DigiDNA, creator of a backup tool called iMazing that allows iPhone and iPad users to access their devices’ hidden file systems. The developers found that […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple offers 14-day refund window for digital purchases in Europe

Apple has introduced a new 14-day return window for digital purchases made in several European countries. App Store, iTunes, and iBookstore items purchased in the U.K., Germany, Italy, and France are now eligible for complete refunds, and users are not required to…Read more ›

How to hide your iTunes purchases from prying eyes (and find them again)

Let’s face it – not all of us want every purchase we complete via the iTunes or App stores available to anyone who uses our iPhone, iPad, or Macbook. Some things just need to remain, well, private. Luckily, it’s pretty…Read more ›

In-app purchases will make up majority of early Apple Pay transactions

Today marks the official roll-out of Apple’s long-awaited mobile payments service, Apple Pay. But while paying for items in-store using your iPhone is definitely an exciting prospect, Cupertino expects in-app purchases will make up the vast majority of early transactions,…Read more ›

More music lovers are paying for their tunes with in-app purchases

New figures released by app analytics firm App Annie show that mobile users are more likely than ever to pay for music services by way of in-app purchases. Looking at figures from August, streaming music offerings from Spotify, Pandora and…Read more ›

Apple rats out Google to FTC over in-app purchases

The FTC came down hard on Apple earlier this year for its lack of parental controls for in-app purchases on iOS, so Apple did what anyone caught red handed would do — they ratted out the competition too. A week…Read more ›

Apple’s ‘Back to School’ deal offers gift cards for iOS and Mac purchases

As expected, Apple’s website is currently advertising the company’s “Back to School” promotion. Details about the promotion appeared early today, following a period during which the Apple Online Store was temporarily closed for business. Much like last year, Apple is…Read more ›