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On eBay and Craigslist, every Apple Watch is pure gold

With shipping dates for new Apple Watch orders slipping to July and beyond, some owners are selling their devices in hopes of turning a quick profit. It seems to be working. There’s a brisk trade of Apple Watches on eBay…Read more ›

New scratch test shows that iPhone 6 panel may not be pure sapphire after all

Could it be that the much-anticipated sapphire displays for the upcoming iPhone 6 isn’t actually sapphire at all? Sort of, according to a new video posted by YouTuber Marques Brownlee. Brownlee made waves a few weeks back when he apparently…Read more ›

Get the Pure Python Hacker Bundle: Master Python & Django programming [Deals]

  Computer programming can be a difficult endeavor, especially when programming with languages such as C or Pascal. Most of your time is spent learning a code’s complex syntax, which can lead to frustration and headaches. Python is a computer…Read more ›

Saturday Deals: Fun with iHellicopter and iPhone protection with ScreenGuardz Pure [Deals]

It’s time to turn your living room into a fun-filled recreation room with this iPhone-controlled, missile-firing helicopter. We’ve seen our share of flying machines, but this iHelicopter is – in terms of ease-of-use and fun factors – one of the…Read more ›

Pixelz Is Pure Tranqulity Through Color [Review]

Pixelz is a puzzle game because the developer Dariusz Cieśla says it is. The playing field is a autumnal spread of colored blocks, and a little indicator in the top right of the screen says “target 19.” Pixelz by Dairusz…Read more ›

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Boson X Cuts Out The Extras For A Pure Endless-Running Experience [Review]

Boson XThe endless runner genre might be in a bit of a rut. You run, run some more, kick that thing, avoid that other thing, jump over that third thing … it’s all getting a little predictable. Boson X by Mu & Heyo Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $2.59 Luckily, we have games […]

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STFU, Critics! Apple’s Spaceship Campus is Pure Awesome!

spaceship1920Apple is still moving forward to build its $5 billion,176-acre campus Cupertino “spaceship” Campus 2 headquarters, expected to open in three years. Critics have been attacking it since Steve Jobs first proposed it to the Cupertino City Council. And since that poignant moment, which was Jobs’ last public appearance, the campus project has evolved and […]

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Pure For Flickr Looks Like A Native iOS 7 App Already

Pure is an iPhone Flickr app which looks ready for iOS 7 already. As the name suggests, there’s a focus on plain and simple design, and the lack of button-shaped buttons makes even the cleanly-designed official Flickr app look cluttered. However, you mightn’t be switching to Pure just yet, as it lacks a fair bit […]

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Developer Builds A Virtual iPhone: Pure CSS3, No Images Whatsoever

Here’s something you don’t see every day. It’s one thing when you have an iPhone 4 image and you make it animated on a Web Site with JavaScript, Flash, HTML5 or some other kind of animating code. But it’s a whole new ball park when you actually make the iPhone 4 from scratch with no pictures, no templates, no canvases, butpureCSS3 code. That’s right folks, take a good look at the screenshot above – there  [Read More…]