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How Jony Ive & iOS 7 Helped People Stop Hating The Purple Yahoo! Weather Icon

1672967-inline-750-yahooIn late April, Yahoo released a gorgeously designed new Weather app for iOS. Pretty much everyone loved the new Yahoo! Weather app, except for one thing: the purple logo. “Officially the ugliest icon ever,” said one Twitter user in response to the app’s announcement. “Its icon isn’t home page worthy,” said another. Some used their […]

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Perfectly Clear Photo-Fixing App, Now With Purple Haze Removal And iPad-Native Version

Purple Haze, is in my brain… Ah, sorry. Just singing a little Hendrix there. But — completely coincidentally — this next app brings purple haze correction to the iPhone. If you want to listen to Jimi Hendrix songs as if played on an un-amplified classical guitar, then this may be the app for you.

Just kidding. Perfectly Clear’s new update is for photos, and photos only. V3.0 of the popular image-correction app not only  [Read More…]

$25 CamHoodie Case Promises To Fix iPhone 5′s Purple Lens Flare

More than just a case.

While the purple lens flare that sometimes (rarely?) spoils your iPhone 5 photos is completely normal, it can still be somewhat frustrating — especially if you don’t notice it until you upload your photos to iPhoto, by which time it’s too late to take the shot again. But a new iPhone 5 case called the camHoodie promises to “greatly reduce” that purple lens flare and leave your  [Read More…]

Purple Lens Flare Problem Occurs Because You’re Holding Your iPhone 5 Wrong, Apple Says

Last week a number of people noticed that the lens flare on their iPhone 5 is really purple. When you have an off-screen light source the iPhone 5′s lens turns the light into a purplish hue, rather than the bright white color the light would be when it’s on-screen. All lenses have lens flare, and sometimes it’s purple, but the iPhone 5′s seemed to be more pronounced that others.

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Major iPhone 5 Camera Issue Is Causing Purple Halo Effect On Photos

Do your iPhone 5 pictures have a purple flare like this?

The iPhone 5′s new camera is supposed to be incredibly amazing with improved low-light performance and a fancy crystal sapphire lens that is less prone to scratching. For many users though, the new camera is having a weird issue where a purple halo or flare splashes across a photo when a bright light source is just outside the frame, and there’s  [Read More…]

Apple Reveals 2005 Purple iPhone Prototype To Show It Didnt Copy Sony

The patent war between Apple and Samsung is just starting to heat up, with both tech giants scheduled to appear in U.S. court today. Apple accused Samsung of copying the iPhone and iPad back in April 2011, and Samsung countersued with similar accusations. In the months leading up to the trial, there have been treasure troves of previously hidden information uncovered, including hundreds of early iPhone and iPad prototype designs.

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Don’t Like the Siri Purple Mic Color ? Now,You can change it.[Cydia Tweak]

Now you can customize your Siri Mic color with this cydia tweak.The First Thing you need to know that you must have a jailbreaked device to add this Tweak,if you are having an iPhone 4S or an iPad 2 so You have to wait for the release of the A5 Untethered jailbreak until it is released bypod2g. In order to have this cydia Tweak you must be having the cydia app Spire(Siri),with your  [Read More…]