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Disable Web Page Push Notifications In Mavericks [OS X Tips]

There are quite a few web sites these days that will send you notifications when you visit them via Safari. Sites like NBA.com and the New York Times will drop you a dialog box when you visit them for the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

How to Stop Web Site Push Notifications in OS X

Many websites are using push notifications to send updates and alerts to Mac users. These alerts are signed up for through Safari, and then arrive as banners appearing briefly on the desktop, then fade away to sit in the Notification Center of OS X until they’ve either been cleared out or addressed manually. If you … Read More

Instagram Removes Ability To Turn Off Video Autoplay Ahead Of Ad Push

Instagram recently received a minor update with bug fixes, and you may not have noticed that a small setting is no longer present in the iPhone app. You used to be able to disable autoplay for videos, but now the only video options are for sound and preloading over Wi-Fi-only. The change may not seem […]

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Apple Restores Push Email On iOS Devices In Germany

iPad-push-emailApple has today restored push email services on iOS devices in Germany almost two years after it had to be shut down following a legal battle with Motorola. The Cupertino company announced the change in a new support document, which explains how users can restore push services on their iOS devices. Apple had to stop […]

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Fetch Or Push? Set Your Email Accounts To Maximize Battery Life, Speed Of Delivery [iOS Tips]

Push or Fetch emailYou have a couple of options when setting up your email accounts on an iPhone or iPad, Fetch and Push. While Push is only available to more modern email accounts like Gmail, most of us have at least one account that can utilize this email service. But what’s the difference, really? And how do you […]

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Apple Forms Alliance With Google, Microsoft And Others To Push For NSA Transparency

apple-sign-logo-234Apple and some of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies have been under heavy fire ever since info on the National Security Administration’s PRISM program leaked to the public last month. In response to the public’s outcry that tech companies are working with the NSA to pilfer personal info on targets of interest, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter […]

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Save Your iPhone Battery: Turn Off Push Mail And Push Notifications [iOS Tips]

Push Services

This just in: your iPhone (and iPad or iPod touch) is a marvel of engineering and does some amazing things, keeping you connected to the rest of the world with its super amazing technology. All that connectivity, though, can come with a price.

Push services are there to let you know when you have stuff to do, or emails to check. It’s pretty handy. However, when you need to conserve  [Read More…]

Haunting Melissa, A Horror Series Delivered Via Push Notification

Haunting Melissa is a horror "movie" which is dripped into your real, everyday life by your iPad or your iPhone. Instead of sitting down for an hour and a half and watching the story unfold, the story comes in episodes.

The twist is that the snippets are delivered at unexpected times, and you’re told about them through push notifications sent to your iDevice.

Veteran storyteller Neal Edelstein has reinvented filmmaking in a way that brings the power of  [Read More…]

Apple Store App For iPhone Now Helps You Track Deliveries With Push Notifications

Screen Shot 2013 04 24 at 09 40 38

Apple has updated its Apple Store app for the iPhone to introduce push notifications for delivery updates. So when you order an item from the Apple Store, you’ll receive updates on its delivery status without having to check manually. The Cupertino company will even let you know when your iPhone is ready for an upgrade.Apple will send you a notification when your item has  [Read More…]

Apple Kicks AppGratis While It’s Down By Turning Off Push Notifications For Existing Users

French startup, French minister. Hmmm.

Once you get on Apple’s bad side, it’s hard to climb back into its good graces, and AppGratis is starting to learn that the hard way. After pulling AppGratis’ app from the Apple Store last week, Apple has also decided to kill push notifications on the app for users that still have it installed.

This is the first time we’ve seen Apple kill certain functionality on an app  [Read More…]