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If you haven’t already ordered a new Mac Pro on Apple’s website, don’t count on it arriving before the holidays are over. Shipping estimates for Apple’s just-released Pro have been pushed back to February, which is a sure sign that… Read more ›     

o-CARL-ICAHN-NETFLIX-facebookCarl Icahn finally got his dinner date wish with Tim Cook last night, after the famous billionaire investor took to Twitter a few weeks ago to preach how Wall Street has seriously undervalued AAPL stock. Along with parading his optimism for Apple’s stock, Icahn purchased a major stake in AAPL stock and has been dying for Cupertino to […]

The post Carl Icahn Says He Pushed Tim Cook Hard To Do A $ 150  [Read More...]

Apple started selling its all-new iMac online this morning, and shipping estimates for the 27-inch models have already been pushed back to 3-4 weeks. 27-inch models were shipping in 2-3 weeks only a few hours ago, but demand is already starting to put a strain on Apple’s first batch of inventory.

The 21.5-inch iMac is still shipping in 1-3 business days, but it looks like you may not be getting a 27-incher  [Read More...]

Apple makes it incredibly easy for you to set up a Gmail account on your iPhone — you simply hit the Gmail button when setting up a new account and enter your login details. But with just a little bit more effort, you can enjoy a much better Gmail experience — one that pushes new emails straight to your device as they come in. Here’s how to set up Gmail the  [Read More...]