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Gorgeous puzzler Mekorama could be this year’s Monument Valley

As anyone who has read my coverage of the superb iOS game Monument Valley will know, I’m a huge sucker for beautiful puzzle games. Well, it seems that 2016’s going to be a good year for me (and plenty of likeminded gamers), since a new trailer showing off an upcoming iOS game called Mekorama, built by […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Stunning iOS puzzler Monument Valley goes free for first time

Tremendous iOS puzzle game Monument Valley has just gone free on iOS for the first time in its history. Inspired by the surrealistic designs of M.C. Escher, the title is a triumph of isometric design, in which the player guides a princess through a series of impossible structures in a game that Apple lyrically described as, “akin […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Delivery routes make for a fun puzzler in Apple’s free App of the Week

If you’re looking for a fun puzzle game to play over the weekend you can do a whole lot worse than RGB Express, Apple’s “App of the Week” which has gone free in the App Store. Arriving on iOS one…Read more ›

Cubical‘s color-matching puzzler is frantic iOS fun

From the mathematical brilliance of Threes to the insanely addictive, Design Award-winning Blek, iOS users are spoiled for choice when it comes to great puzzle games on their iOS. Does that mean developers should throw in the towel and stop…Read more ›

New iOS puzzler Dropu is what would happen if Tetris and Sudoku had a baby

A good mobile puzzle game is always welcome, and if you’re looking for something to augment your TwoDots and Threes games, developer Ricardo Fonseca is hoping he has something for you. Called Dropu, his new iOS game is – as Fonseca describes it – what would…Read more ›

Adorable puzzler Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake will keep you up all night

This is how my non-gamer girlfriend shows me which games are worth playing: She stays up until 3 a.m., wearing down the iPad mini battery to 22 percent while she tries to solve the next level. This time, she bathed…Read more ›

How minimalist puzzler Blek turned two brothers into millionaires

Brothers Denis and Davor Mikan make it look easy. They created a memorable and graphically beautiful puzzler called Blek that rocketed to the top of the paid game chart in the iOS App Store, making them millions in the process.…Read more ›

Minimalist puzzler Bicolor will charm you right to sleep

Here’s yet another artsy, minimalist puzzle game you’ll want to check out. Bicolor by 1Button SARL Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Price: $ 0.99 Bicolor gives you some colored blocks with numbers on them, and your job…Read more ›

Word Monsters Is New Head-To-Head Word Puzzler From Angry Birds Developers [Video Review]

The hit bird slinging game Angry Birds has found its way on devices everywhere. While the Angry Birds series has brought developing company Rovio so much popularity, their branch company Rovio Stars aims to share the spotlight. The newest application…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Addictive iOS Puzzler Dots Adds Head-To-Head Challenge Mode

Ultra-addictive iOS game Dots has just received a major update, adding a significant new feature. Called “Challenge Mode,” the addition circumvents the hassle of taking screenshots of individual dots counts — or else comparing scores via social media — by…Read more ›    [Read More…]