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Grayout filters word puzzles through a broken mind

Every once in a while, a game hits the App Store that contains such a bizarre concept that it only makes sense once you start playing it. And sometimes, that’s a good thing, but usually, it isn’t so much. Luckily, Grayout, a text-based game from developer Neven Mrgan, falls firmly into the first category. The […]

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You’ll love to hate TwoDots’ ridiculously addictive puzzles

I know that TwoDots, the followup to last year’s megahit Dots, has been out for a little while, but I have a pretty good excuse for not having reviewed it yet: I’ve been playing it this whole time. It’s taken…Read more ›

Elegant iOS game Kiwanuka will charm you with puzzles

Thank goodness for a game with just a few things to learn how to do. Too many environmental puzzle games try to do too much, packing in all sorts of stuff you have to figure out to solve the ever-increasingly…Read more ›

Instantion: It’s Up To The Five Of You To Solve These Tricky Puzzles [Review]

Anyone — even a fat plumber — can run around and jump on things. But what if progress depends on being in two places simultaneously? Or three? Or five? Mario can’t even handle that. Unless we’re talking about the Mario…Read more ›

Solve Puzzles And Take Out Targets In Hitman GO [Video Review]

Sometimes in life you just want to experience the excitement portrayed in every action-packed book, movie and television show you see. While your regular day-job may not consist of being a hitman on the run, in the newly released app…Read more ›

‘Mate In 1′ — Chess Puzzles For People Short On Time

Love chess, but don’t have the time or the sticking power to play a whole game? Then you should probably take a look at the $ 1 Mate in 1 Puzzle app, newly updated for iOS 7 and ready to puzzle…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Casual Games Collide: Angry Birds Slingshot Their Way To Puzzles & Dragons

Finnish developer and all-around success story Rovio Entertainment announced Monday a new cross-over collaboration with Korean-based GungHo Entertainment, the makers of the almost as highly successful match-three mobile game, Puzzles and Dragons. The pissed-off avians will show up in the…Read more ›

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