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How to Monitor FPS (Frames Per Second) Live in Mac OS X with Quartz Debug

Whether testing performance of an application, OS X animations, or just out of general curiosity, you can measure the refresh rate in Frames Per Second of onscreen actions and animations on the Mac by using a free developer tool from Apple called Quartz Debug. Part of the Graphics Tools package of Xcode, Quartz Debug can … Read More

Enable HiDPI Display Modes in Mac OS X Lion with Quartz Debug

HiDPI vs Normal display In what is some of the strongest evidence that Apple is working towards bringing higher resolution retina style displays to Macs, a series of hidden HiDPI resolutions can be enabled in OS X Lion. Much like how iPhone UI elements handles itís retina screen, the HiDPI modes in Mac OS X double the resolution of many onscreen elements, which would make the elements look sharper on  [Read More…]