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Internet questions Jony Ive’s sanity with new iPhone battery case

Apple’s new Smart Battery Case just gave “fugly” a new definition: Functional, but ugly. The new case came as a surprise this morning, offering iPhone 6s owners some extra juice and protection, but its weird hump has drawn the attention and ire of fans, leading many to wonder, ‘did Jony Ive really approve this thing?’ Not […]

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Want a job at Apple? Here are 10 of the toughest interview questions

We alternately praise and criticize the folks at Apple depending on whether they just created the iPhone or Apple Maps, but there’s no doubting that it’s a company which employs some pretty darn smart guys and gals. Whether you’ve ever dreamed of joining Cupertino, or just want to scramble your brain and break out in […]

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Siri won’t answer music questions if you’re not an Apple Music subscriber

If you want Siri to tell you everything there is to know about music you might need an Apple Music subscription to get the right answers. The three-month trial period for Apple Music has finally ended, and it appears that not signing up for the monthly service may cost you a bit of Siri functionality. […]

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6 questions we hope Colbert asks Tim Cook tonight

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show is hosting Apple head Tim Cook in tonight’s episode, and it’s a pretty big opportunity to have the ear of one of the most powerful business leaders in the country. We’re sure that Colbert already has a list of questions he and his staff have prepared for Cook, but here are […]

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Liveblog: Time to answer all of your Apple Watch questions

Pardon the terrible pun, but the time has come. Today Apple is hosting a big media event in San Fransisco for the hotly anticipated Apple Watch. It’s been about six months since the Watch was first shown off to world,…Read more ›

Fashion world gawks at Apple Watch, but questions feminine appeal

Apple clearly wants its new watch to be more than just a cool gadget. It’s no coincidence that Tuesday’s event falls in line with New York Fashion Week, a time of the year when the world’s top designers look for…Read more ›

Are You an Old Git? And Other Questions for Apple’s Jony Ive

The UK’s Sunday Times has a long interview with Apple’s head designer Jony Ive in its Sunday Magazine (warning: paywall). It claims to be the first in-depth interview Ive has given in twenty years at Apple, but breaks absolutely no ground…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Siri Has A Whole Backstory You Can Unlock By Asking The Right Questions

We all know that Siri has some fun Easter eggs, but according to some Apple’s virtual assistant also has an entire backstory — unlockable by asking just the right questions. “We developed a backstory for Siri to make sure everything…Read more ›    [Read More…]

‘Big Questions? Short Answers’ Is Like Having A College-Town Coffee Shop In Your Phone

Big Questions? Short Answers! — Entertainment — Free ($ 2.99 for full unlock) This strange little app contains 400 questions of varying philosophical value and only gives you 140 characters with which to answer them. The idea is to let you…Read more ›    [Read More…]