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Hide iOS QuickType bar and free up screen space

Got an iPhone 6 or smaller? You might be feeling a little cramped for space on your screen due to iOS 8’s new word-prediction system. That little gray bar that sits just above your iOS keyboard is called the QuickType…Read more ›

Switch Word Casing to ALL CAPS & Capitalize Words with QuickType in iOS

The shift and caps lock key in iOS can be toggled at will to either capitalize a word or to type out something in ALL CAPS, but using the new Quick Type keyboard, you can switch casing of existing words really easy. This works really well on the iPhone and iPad, and once you learn … Read More

How to Instantly Hide the QuickType Suggestion Bar on iOS Keyboard

The QuickType bar added to the virtual keyboard in iOS 8 seems to either be loved or hated, and while it can be quite good at predicting what words to type next, it can also be a nuisance as it takes up valuable screen real estate on the iPhone and iPod touch. Fortunately, like so … Read More