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Apple quietly added 10-bit color support for new 5K iMac

In addition to the plethora of new features Apple added for OS X El Capitan, it also quietly integrated 10 bit color support for the 4K & 5K iMac. While this may not mean much for your average user, it’s absolutely massive news for photographers, video editors, or anyone else who relies on high-end color correction. Compared […]

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Apple quietly asks a small group to return their Apple TVs

Looks like a small amount of third-generation Apple TVs, the ones on sale right now, are being quietly recalled by Apple. There hasn’t been a public notice of any recall, which could mean that there are only a few select units that are defective. If yours is among the faulty Apple TVs, chances are you’ll […][Read More…]

Apple quietly bought an Android keyboard startup last year

Last year, right around when iOS 8 was released, Apple quietly snatched up Dryft, a startup that made a popular Android keyboard that seems perfect for the iPad. Not only that, but the CTO of Dryft now heads up iOS…Read more ›

Once-famous robot lives quietly away from limelight

America’s oldest surviving robot no longer smokes cigarettes.   There are no more long lines of people to see him, topless women haven’t danced around him in years and his legs have been broken since that amusement park gig. But…Read more ›

AT&T quietly jacks up monthly fee for iPhone 6 upgraders

Did you buy a shiny new iPhone 6 from AT&T Wireless? You might want to check your next monthly bill for an increased charge. Some AT&T customers upgrading to the iPhone 6 received a surprising text alert this morning saying the…Read more ›

Apple Quietly Updates OS X Mavericks GM With Bug Fixes Before Public Release

Apple has quietly updated the OS X Mavericks developer GM to a new build number ahead of the software’s imminent public release. The new build number is 13A603 while the original seed is 13A598. 9to5Mac first spotted the change and made the…Read more ›

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Apple Quietly Releases Airport Utility 6.3.1, Mavericks Recovery Mode Updates

Airport Utility Mavericks UpdateApple just posted a couple of tiny updates to both OS X and iOS versions of Airport Utility, bringing the Apple-branded router setup and management utility to version 6.3.1. The patch apparently fixes a bug that would keep AirPort base stations from being detected in some cases. It’s a little under 22 M to download, […]

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Valve Quietly Releases Original Half-Life On Steam For Mac

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 11.14.46 AM

Wow, talk about a stealth release. First released in 1998, Half-Life has never been available on OS X through Steam for Mac, even though every other Valve game — including Half-Life 2 and its episodic sequels — have. Sometime in the last few hours, though, Valve quietly released Half-Life for Mac on Steam… and still hasn’t apparently officially announced it.

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Apple Quietly Fixes “Potentially Life-Threatening” Maps Glitch In Australia

Apple’s Maps struck again this morning when it was reported that multiple drivers were being guided into the wilderness when searching for the city of Mildura. The local police deemed the glitch in Maps a “potentially life-threatnening issue” because the Australian wilderness is not exactly a safe place to get lost in. The temperature gets really hot and there’s no water.

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