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11 juicy quotes from Tim Cook’s interview on encryption

Apple CEO Tim Cook has vowed to continue fighting ‘the good fight’ for the American people in its war against the federal government over encryption. Cook sat down for a lengthy interview with Time as part of the magazine’s March 28 cover story on Apple, saying that he’s a “big optimist that we ultimately arrive […]

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Daily Productivity Quotes wants you to work smarter and harder

A lot of apps hope to inspire you to improve yourself and focus by offering you words of wisdom from people whose names you recognize. Like that rather stern one up there, which comes courtesy of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Maybe you’ll…Read more ›

Ashton Kutcher Drops Some Deep Steve Jobs Quotes At The Teen Choice Awards

ashton-kutcher-as-steve-jobsSo, Ashton Kutcher, right? His first name is actually Chris. He met up with about a bazillion teen fans at Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice Awards last night to receive the Ultimate Choice Award Recipient from the kid-centric cable network, and told them some deep stuff. First up, according to Kutcher, is that “opportunities look a lot […]

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The Best Bits & Quotes From Tim Cook’s Incredible Businessweek Interview [Round-Up]

Tim Cook sat down with Bloomberg Businessweek for a massive 11-page interview. It’s incredible reading, well worth going through in total, but here are the best bits so far, as we come across them.

On Why Apple Creates

In creating these great products we focus on enriching people’s lives—a higher cause for the product. These are the macro things that drive the company.

On Charity

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iOS 6 Now Knows How To Capitalize After Quotes & Emoji

Theres no need to hit shift manually in iOS 6.

One of this smaller things that has always frustrated me about the iOS keyboard is that I have to capitalize letters manually before and after quotation marks, and after emoji. Its not that its difficult to do, its just that the keyboard built into iOS is already capable of some clever things, so why cant it do this? Well, in  [Read More…]

The Best Revelations, Quotes & Stories From Steve Jobs Official Biography [Live Updating]

Walter Isaacsons much anticipated biography of Steve Jobs is releasing today, and were already busy poring through it, gaining new insight into the life and philosophies of Apples volatile, sometimes enigmatic co-founder. Throughout the morning, well be live updating this post with some of the best revelations, funniest stories, most interesting quotes and most enjoyable tidbits of the biography.   Jobs birth mother was sent to San Francisco when  [Read More…]

Bicycles for our Minds: Memorable Demos, Quotes and Speeches of Steve Jobs

Among his many talents, Steve Jobs was one of the great orators and inspiring speakers of our time. Part sage, part showman, Jobs combined the wizardry of a magician with the skills of a master salesman. In this video tribute we take a look back at some of his memorable demos, quotes and speeches. We begin (above) with one of the most influential demos of all the unveiling of the Macintosh. While many people have seen the 1984 TV  [Read More…]

Do You Want to Change the World? Memorable Quotes from Steve Jobs

Jobs macworld1984 The man who is perhaps the best salesman of the modern era has rarely been at a loss for words. Whether talking product design, the direction of technology, thoughts on Apple or life in general, Steve Jobs gives us lots of food for thought about what keeps him going. Here are some of his memorable quotes over the years. Do you want to spend the  [Read More…]