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It’s possible to make a lot of money by writing an iOS app. In fact, the top iOS app makers each gross as much as $ 90,000 a day from their offerings. Yet despite these success stories, the vast majority of… Read more ›     

New Years resolutions are just around the corner and if running if your go-to method for shedding the holiday pounds, Nike+ just added a coaching feature to its running app that promises to whip you into shape. The free app… Read more ›     

As part of the ongoing legal saga with Apple, Samsung’s lawyers have filed a request with Judge Lucy Koh requesting a retrial of November’s case, which Samsung says Apple only won because it totally race baited the jury to get… Read more ›     

nikerunningSummer isn’t over quite yet, so if you’re still looking for a little motivation to get you back in tip-top shape Nike added a new Challenges feature to its running app. To start a challenge in Nike+ Running 4.3, simply set a distance and send the invite to your Nike+ friends. The app will keep [...]

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HP-Pre-3HP famously gave up on its smartphone and tablet business back in 2011 when it announced that it would no longer be developing hardware powered by its webOS platform. But two years later, the company is planning to have another crack at it. Yam Su Yin, HP’s Senior Director of Consumer PCs and Tablets, has [...]

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Our computers aren’t meant just for work – they’re gaming machines as well. Cult of Mac Deals has assembled a bundle of games that not only take full advantage of what your computer can do as a gaming machine, but are loads of fun as well.

And you get to name your own price for this bundle to boot!

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Awhile back it was reported that the iTunes Store is one of the biggest media companies in the world. The iTunes Store generated $ 8.5 billion in revenue last year, which is more than many of America’s top media companies combined.

Apple has been the tech industry’s pioneer for abandoning physical media, and iTunes is a testament to the success of digital downloads. According to  [Read More...]

Cars are a fairly boring topic for me, but I just sat through this 15-minute documentary by Audi completely enthralled by the amount of dedication the Slots Mods team poured into making an iPad-controlled slot car race track utopia for Audi.

Basically, Audi asked Slot Mods to make an iPad-controlled slot car race track that would give people the experience of driving an Audi from their iPad. You can control the speed of the car from the iPad and a  [Read More...]

Apple is racing to hire former Texas Instruments employees in Israel in an effort to staff a planned R&D center. Not wanting to be outdone, Intel has decided to ramp up their efforts to hire the same former Texas Instruments employees before Apple can grab them first.

A new report claims that Intel is offering the employees “healthy compensation packages” above the standard salary rates in an effort to keep the employees  [Read More...]

In the race to the top of the smartphone market, it’s only Apple and Google now.

There are two fighters left in the battle for market share dominance in the mobile space: Apple and Google. Android powers Samsung’s flagship handsets, and the Korean company continues to crush Apple in terms of sheer volume of units sold. Without Android, Samsung wouldn’t be near as successful.

But Apple is showing incredible growth, especially in  [Read More...]