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The bizarre Lunecase’s glowing symbols are powered by the iPhone’s own electromagnetic radiationThe bizarre Lunecase’s glowing symbols are powered by the iPhone’s own electromagnetic radiation

We know the iPhone emits radiation; but how much? The answer: Apparently enough to light up luminous glyphs on the back of an iPhone case. A bunch of inventive Ukranians — the same ones who brought us the iBlazr LED…

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FCC Proposing First Phone Radiation Review in 15 Years

The Chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Julius Genachowski, recently released a proposal on Friday to formally investigate whether wireless radiation is carcinogenic and whether it should be regulated more strictly or not. If the proposal is approved by a majority of the FCC�s four other commissioners, the inquiry will move forward with an investigation of existing cellular radiation regulations as well as whether wireless devices used by children should be subject to higher standards.  [Read More…]

Scosche Launches iPhone, iPod Radiation Tester

After the Fukushima disaster, bogus radiation testing apps abounded � now Scosche has launched what it�s calling a true pocket radiation tester for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The portable radiation sniffer called� RDTX-PRO, priced at $ 350, might cost more than your device, but it looks like it�s a hit. Launched yesterday, at this writing it�s already out of stock on the company website.

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Apple’s iPhone Doesn’t Lead the Pack on Mobile Phone Radiation Dangers

Given all the recent headlines about the supposed radiation risks posed by mobile phones, one would think that after a long cell phone conversation we can serve as our own night-lights. But before you freak out too extensively and wonder if your iPhone will really make your brain glow, a new study actually shows that the iPhone isn’t the worst mobile device on the market when it comes to potentially harmful radiation exposure.

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