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Enjoy Four ASMR Videos from Apple – Crunching, Whispering, Woodworking, Rain

Apple has released a series of interesting ASMR videos to listen to and enjoy with headphones on. The videos emphasize different sounds, like falling rain, the sounds of boots on a trail, the sounds of workworking, and the sound of someone whispering. Apple recommends wearing headphones for the best experience. ASMR, which stands for Autonomous … Read More

Weather Network app claims it can tell you when it is going to rain

We’re not quite through 2015 yet, so app developers still have time to make the prophecies foretold by director Robert Zemeckis’ documentary Back to the Future: Part II come true. And to that end, The Weather Network’s latest app update uses radar and algorithms to predict when, exactly, it is going to start and stop […][Read More…]

Save your neck from unnecessary strains with Rain Design’s iRest for iPad [Deals]

The iPad revolutionized the way we read books, surf the web, and use apps. As great as the iPad is, it can also be difficult to multitask with one, not to mention the hand and neck strain from holding your…Read more ›

Friday Deals: iLevel by Rain Design and Hacker Monthly [Deals]

We all get tired of having an aching back. Sitting hunched over your laptop puts stress on your body which can seriously cramp your style. It’s time to sit back and relax because Rain Design’s iLevel will take the physical…Read more ›

Getting rich quick is easy in the swipe-based arcade game Make It Rain

If making money is what you like to do then the new app Make It Rain is just for you. Players can swipe their fingers across the screen to simply throw dollar bills from their bands, but making more money…Read more ›

Tempo Bluetooth Thermometer Is As Reliable As Rain On A National Holiday [Review]

Tempo by Blue Maestro Category: Weather Works With:iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Price: around $ 50 For the last few weeks, I have had a little pebble-shaped gadget sat out on the wall of my balcony. It’s the Tempo, a Bluetooth thermometer…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Brolly, The Umbrella That Lets You Text In The Rain

It might be hard to remember during this absurdly hot summer, but there’s this thing called rain. And rain hates gadgets. Or rather, it seems to love gadgets, but they hate it. The obvious answer is an umbrella, but then you have to kind of squeeze its shaft between your shoulder and your ear so […]

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Apple Store In Bellevue Square, Seattle, Flooded After Heavy Rain

Apple-Store-bellevue-floodAn Apple retail store in Bellevue Square Mall, Seattle, is one of 14 stores that have been flooded following heavy rain, Fox News reports. Fortunately there were no injuries, but all stores have suffered minor flood damage when storm drains became unable to handle all of the water. As you can see from the picture […]

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Dark Sky 2.0 Weather App For iOS Will Send You A Notification When Its About To Rain

Who needs an umbrella?

Dark Sky started as a Kickstarter project and turned into a gorgeous, functional iOS weather app. Cult of Mac’s Charlie Sorrel praised the app when it launched back in April, and Dark Sky has since seen great success.

The key feature of Dark Sky is its ability to quickly tell you when it’s going to storm. In a huge 2.0 update, Dark Sky has gotten even better with  [Read More…]

PC Ultrabooks Looking to Rain on the MacBook Airs Parade

the Asus UX21 – set to release later this year

The MacBook Air has ushered in a new era of powerful netbooks that function more like prosumer computers. In our review of Apples latest 2011 MacBook Air, its obvious that the Air now packs a punch andaccompanyingprice tag that most notebooks of similar size havent been able to dream of for years. The PC market is looking to level the playingfieldbetween  [Read More…]