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Apple ranks #5 on Fortune 500 list

After climbing up the Fortune 500 rankings the past few years, Apple Inc is standing firm in the number 5 spot it first reach last year. Fortune released its rankings of the top 500 companies in the U.S. with Walmart…Read more ›

Speaker test ranks every iPhone model in order of loudness

The iPhone has gotten considerably better over the years, but which iPhone is the loudest? iClarified ran the numbers in a recent video, in which a decibel meter was placed beneath the speaker of every Apple handset so far while…Read more ›

Another Biosensor Expert Joins Apple’s Ranks

With rumors of the iWatch and future Apple products focusing on health continuing to swell, Apple has hired yet another medical device expert. Marcelo Malini Lamego joined Apple at the end of last month, having previously spent 8 years as…Read more ›    

Apple’s Upper Ranks Dominated By White Males, Say Shareholders

Apple has too many white men in its upper ranks, say shareholders who are pressuring the company to add more female and minority directors to its board. In response, Apple has added new language to its board charter claiming that…Read more ›    [Read More…]

iPad Ranks As First Choice For Doctors But IT Still Nervous About Privacy Issues

Healthcare was one of the first fields to adopt the iPad after it launched two years ago. As with other fields, the initial use of the iPad in healthcare came from doctors and other professionals buying their own iPads and bringing them into their practices or along with them on rounds a move that predated most of todays BYOD planning. A recent study of mobile technology in healthcare clearly  [Read More…]

Apple Ranks in Top 5 Online Retailers for Black Friday According to comScore

It waspreviously reportedthat Apple blew away Black Friday sales, accounting for their biggest sales day of all time. The research firmcomScoreis backing up the reporting by placing Apple at number 5 among the most visited online retailers on Black Friday. Andrew Lipsman ofcomScorehad the following to say regarding the matter: Apple has not historically been in the top five in fact, this is the first time I can remember Even though Apple does not  [Read More…]