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Newly Setup iPad Pro Battery Draining Rapidly? “Ongoing Restore” Might Be Why!

If you have recently setup a new iPad Pro, iPad mini, or iPad and discovered the battery is draining unusually fast leading to subpar battery life on the device, don’t fret, there’s probably a good reason for it. In fact, if during your recent setup or restore of the iPad you decided to restore from … Read More

Rapidly Mutating iblazr LED iDevice Flash Now Works With DSLRs Too

iblazr-cold-shoeThe dizzying pace of iblazr‘s evolution has been difficult to keep up with over the last month. It started out as an iDevice flash with four Cree-made LEDs that plugs into the 3.5mm jack. Then it gained a diffuser, and a short while later its designers added a reflective backing and redesigned the lens over […]

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Google Play Grew Rapidly In 2012, But App Store Is Still Cash Cow [Report]

Mobile app analytics firm Distimo annually publishes a review of the past year’s growth and trends in the app space. For 2012, Distimo compared Apple’s App Store vs. Google Play on Android handsets. While both marketplaces are considered winners in their own right, the App Store is still where the real money comes from.

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Check Out This Rapidly Growing Real Time List Of iPhone 5 Compatible iOS Apps

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So you want to know what apps will best take advantage of your new iPhone 5 when you get it in your hot little hands this coming Friday? One way is to start searching AppShopper using a search string that includes “iPhone 5.” This will net you a real-time list of all the apps currently in the app store that have the text string in their “What’s New”  [Read More…]

McAfee: Android Malware Rapidly Grows 76% While iOS Is Unaffected

Image courtesy of AndroidHeadlines.com

The security experts at McAfee have published details of a new study that found during the second quarter of 2011, Android-powered devices faced a staggering 76% increase in malware than that of the first quarter while Apples iOS devicesremainedunaffected by malicious exploits. In its Second Quarter 2011 Threats Report, relayed by Electronista,McAfee noted that the threat landscape of 2011 is undergoing a year of chaos and  [Read More…]