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This rapper recorded his entire album at the Apple Store

Recording a rap album is tough, expensive work. Sure, you can bust out a crappy demo on computer if you can’t afford studio sessions, but when Brooklyn rapper Prince Harvey’s laptop got stolen, he found the next best thing to…Read more ›

Rapper explains why Jay Z is smearing Apple with the race card

Rapper and entrepreneur Jay Z made waves when he claimed that there is a racially-motivated component to why Apple and others are “hating on” his new Tidal streaming music service. But if you thought the whole hip hop community would…Read more ›

Black Eyed Peas rapper apl.de.ap on Apple and the blessing of challenges

The Black Eyed Peas’ co-founder apl.de.ap is at the top of his game in the music industry and a total Apple fan. He’s also just beginning to speak out about his journey from a young boy with a visual impairment…Read more ›

Rapper shows why you shouldn’t post your password in a music video

We’re all concerned about our privacy lately. Using a different strong password for all our banking and website activities is the best way to keep malicious hackers from getting all up into our grill. Rapper MC Safesearch, though, needs to…Read more ›

Siris A Better Rapper Than You Are [Video]

Think youre sick of Siri videos? Think again: heres Siri rapping the Notorious B.I.G.s song Hypnotize with an amazing amount of flow, thanks to a clever video made by Robert Boehnke for Londons Music Hack Day. Now when can we get this feature natively, Apple? And better question yet: can Googles Majel be programmed to rap some Tupac for a genuine East Coast vs. West Coast rapper showdown? [via Gizmodo]

Rapper dedicates song to Steve Jobs [NSFW]

A young gentleman from Buffalo, New York who goes by the name of Supreme General @HustleGameBoss on Twitter just released a rap song titled Steve Jobs. I listened to the expletive/angst-ridden ditty twice before I could figure out what Apples co-founder had to do with it. (There may be more, but then my head started hurting. Even in the noble quest for journalistic thoroughness there are limits, people.) Heres  [Read More…]