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Rare Pixar Image Computer Surfaces On eBay With $25,000 Price Tag

$ 25k is $ 105k less than its original sale price.

A rare Pixar Image Computer that was�originally developed by the Computer Division of�Lucasfilm has surfaced on eBay with a $ 25,000 price tag. The computer is accompanied by an original Pixar monitor and is said to be in good condition, though it’s unclear whether the system actually works.

When Steve Jobs spun off Pixar from Lucasfilm in 1986, the Pixar Image  [Read More…]

Pick Up This Extremely Rare 128K Mac Prototype For A Cool $100,000

That’s a lot of money for an old Mac.

Remember the Mac 128K prototype with the 5.25-inch �Twiggy� drive? Our own Adam Rosen showed you the prototype in detail several months ago, and a model has now surfaced on eBay. The cost to own this piece of Apple history? $ 100,000.

Adam explains:

Production Mac models used 3.5-inch 400k floppy disk drives, a format Apple largely introduced to the world. This  [Read More…]

Rare 128k Mac Prototype Surfaces With 5.25? Floppy Disk Drive

Mac 128k with Twiggy Drive

photo: mactwiggy/applefritter

For fans of vintage Macintosh computers and truly rare finds, a very unusual item has just surfaced in the wild: a 128k Macintosh prototype that used a 5.25? �Twiggy� floppy disk mechanism, the same kind Apple used with the first generation Lisa workstation.

Pseudonymous user mactwiggy posted some photographs of his rare find (location unspecified) over at applefritter. Production Mac models  [Read More…]

Rare Photo Shows Steve Jobss Rebellious Spirit As He Flips The Bird To IBM

This rare photograph of Steve Jobs demonstrates the Apple co-founder�s infamous rebellious spirit as he �flips the bird� outside an IBM building in New York City. It was taken in 1983 when the Macintosh team visited the city for a meeting with Newsweek, and was posted to Google+ today by�Andy Hertzfield, a member of the original Macintosh development team.

Hertzfield posted the image �in memoriam for Steve Jobs as 2011 draws to a close�:

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Rare Video of Steve Jobs Narrating the History of Apple During His Younger Days

The Computer History Museum�currently has a great exhibit of Steve Jobs on their website. Among the neat tibits on their site is a 20minute video gifted from marketing guru Regis McKenna that shows�Steve Jobs explaining the history of Apple back in his younger years. The video was probably recorded sometime in the early 1980?s as Steve and his crew were secretly working on the Macintosh after Apple had been enjoying an enormous  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs In Rare Video From 1998: TV Turns Your Brain Off, PCs Turn Your Brain On


We stumbled across this rare video of Steve Jobs at the�CAUSE 1998 Conference in Seattle. In the short clip, Steve Jobs gives a particularly comedic and lighthearted talk about the PC and TV.

The video quality is pretty awful, but what�s said in the talk is very interesting. In the video, Jobs says, �TV turns your brain off, PCs turn your brain on.� What most don�t know is that Jobs was quoting a failed campaign for the  [Read More…]

Rare 50 Minute Interview with Steve Jobs from 1990 [Video]

Steve Jobs in 1990

PBS/NOVA and WGBH Boston have posted a full 50 minute unedited interview with Steve Jobs from the TV miniseries �Machine That Changed The World�. The clip is from 1990 and demonstrates Steve Jobs� remarkable visionary thinking, covering a wide variety of topics and technologies well before they became parts of our daily lives (keep in mind the internet was practically nonexistent to the general public then).

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