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See Currency Exchange Rates in Stocks App on iPhone

The iPhone Stocks app and Stocks Notification Center widget typically is used to follow markets, ETFs, mutual funds, or individual equities, but with the proper syntax you can add just about any globally traded currency to watch as well. Adding currency to the Stocks app should be particularly nice for users who travel often, or … Read More

Apple plans to exploit low interest rates in Swiss franc bond sale

Apple is sitting on more cash than King Midas could dream of, but instead of bringing that money back to the U.S. to fund stock buybacks, Apple is reportedly looking to exploit Switzerland’s low interest rates with a Swiss Franc…Read more ›

Get Exchange Rates & Convert Currency with Spotlight in OS X

The Mac has long had currency conversion tools available through Calculator app and Dashboard with the Converter widget, but the latest versions of OS X have an even faster option available with Spotlight, which can provide current exchange rates and conversions on the fly. You will need to be running at least OS X 10.10 … Read More

iOS device hospital trial leads to lower mortality rates

We’re increasingly obsessed with the idea of personal health tracking devices like the long-awaited iWatch, but current Apple devices can also be used to revolutionize medicine within hospitals. A new report in the U.K. states that doctors and nurses at Middlesbrough’s James Cook University…Read more ›

Apple’s Trying To Lowball Record Labels On Royalty Rates For iRadio


As Apple continues to ramp up development on its new music streaming service, negotiations with record labels haven’t been going well.

Apple’s music streaming service is rumored to be similar to Pandora’s radio service, but rather than settling with the same royalty rate that Pandora enjoys, Apple is trying to lowball record labels into giving them a better deal.

According to sources at the New York Post, Apple’s initial offer to  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Sales Expected To Top 45 Million Units In Q4 As Production Rates Improve [Rumor]

Productions rates for the iPhone 5 are improving, supply sources claim, just in time for the handset to make its debut in more than 50 additional markets throughout December. Now that Apple has caught up with demand, the handset’s shipping delay has been reduced from four weeks to just 2-4 business days. Suppliers now expect the Cupertino company to sell 45 million iPhone 5 units during the fourth quarter alone.

DigiTimes  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Production Rates Fall As Apple Increases Quality Control At Foxconn

Some iPhone 5s are being delivered with chips like these.

The iPhone 5 has quickly become Apple’s fastest-selling iPhone of all-time, meaning it’s incredibly difficult to get hold of — even more than three weeks after its launch. And the situation is about to get a lot worse, according to Bloomberg. Apple has had to increase quality-control at Foxconn to prevent damaged devices with nicks and scratches from leaving the factory. As a  [Read More…]

iPad Mini Shipments Stumbling Due To Low Yield Rates Of Aluminum Chassis [Rumor]

Suppliers just can’t make the iPad mini’s rear shell fast enough, apparently.

Apple’s much-anticipated iPad mini is expected to make its debut in mid-October, but it may be a little more difficult to get hold of than other iOS devices. According to sources in the Cupertino company’s Taiwanese supply chain, iPad mini shipments are already stumbling due to the low yield rates of the tablet’s aluminum chassis.

DigiTimes reports:

Along with the  [Read More…]