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Your iPhone has traveled the distance of the moon and back to reach you

The various parts in your iPhone have traveled a great distance to reach your pocket — combined, they’ve gone almost as far as a trip to the moon and back. That fancy Touch ID button on the front of your iPhone 6s, for example, inhabits a 12,000 mile footprint alone, what with the artificial sapphire […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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When it’s time for music, just reach for the BOTTLE

Don’t let the bottle in the name fool you. The boomBOTTLE+ by SCOSCHE Industries is no place for a beverage. But your ears will quickly realize it is filled with sound. The boomBOTTLE, rolled out today on the SCOSCHE website, is a portable Bluetooth speaker that has the height and girth of the common water […][Read More…]

Best gadget deals of the week: Get 45% off the light bulb of the future, 44% off extending your GoPro’s reach, and more [Deals]

      This week saw some prime deals at Cult of Mac. Check out the slashed prices on high quality bluetooth headphones, indestructible cables for your iPhone or Apple Watch, and plenty more. ilumi Bluetooth Smartbulb – 45% off…Read more ›

iPhone set to reach record shipments as new models enter production

Apple will ship 50 million iPhone units in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to a new report published today which claims that companies in the iPhone 6s supply chain have started delivering finished components to Foxconn and Pegatron for final assembly. If…Read more ›

Save 42% on the Satechi Bluetooth Home Button and use your iPhone when it’s out of reach [Deals]

Tapping away at your smartphone screen while you’re driving? Not cool. Rummaging through your bag to find it? An equally terrible idea. If you commute by car or bike, the Satechi Bluetooth Home Button for $ 23 is an absolute must-have.…Read more ›

Apple Maps Connect could reach more countries soon

Apple may be a tech giant with more spare cash than a dozen Scrooge McDucks, but it does spare a thought for the little guy every now and then. Late last year, the company launched a new portal called Apple…Read more ›

The Pangu jailbreak could put an iOS 8 jailbreak even further out of reach

Jailbreakers got an unexpected present last week when a relatively unknown hacker group released a jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1. Called “Pangu,” the jailbreak package was later determined to be safe besides a shady pirate app store installed alongside the program.…Read more ›

Reach As Many Lily Pads As Possible In The Addicting App Tiny Frog [Video Review]

While the app store is updated every week, many new addicting games come with it. With so many developers creating their own versions of popular apps, only some succeed at adding their own original twists. The new app Tiny Frog…Read more ›    [Read More…]

What Happens When You Reach Level 999 In Flappy Bird

A lot of the artistic assets of Flappy Bird were ripped pretty much wholesale from Super Mario Bros.. So what happens when you beat Flappy Bird? Do you face Bowser? As this parody video show, it’s not the King of…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Things 3 Coming In 2014 As Sales Of Popular To-Do App Reach 1 Million

Things has been a staple to-do app on iOS and OS X since the iPhone app was first released back in 2008. And despite its infamously slow update cycle, it remains popular. The Apple Design Award-winning app has not yet…Read more ›    [Read More…]