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iOS 7.0.6 Reached 13.3% Adoption Within Its First 48 Hours [Analyst]

Apple may have only released iOS 7.0.6 one week ago, but it’s already showing impressive adoption rates. According to a study by Chitika Insights, just 48 hours after the update went live, 13.3% of all iOS traffic was driven by…

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Jobs Reached out to Compaq to License Mac OS

File this under revelations not leaked from Walter Isaacson’s upcoming Steve Jobs biography.

According to Ben Rosen, former chief executive office of Compag, Jobs expressed interest in licensing the Mac operating system to Compaq in 1999, which was after Jobs terminated the Mac clone contracts in 1997.

Jobs called Rosen and suggested the two meet to talk about an “important matter.” Rosen goes into great detail about the meeting in a blog post he authored and  [Read More…]