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Watching kids react to the original iPod will make you feel old

In my mind, the original iPod basically came out yesterday. Which is why it’s more than a little surreal — yet strangely amusing — watching kids who weren’t even born in 2001 react to it like they’re archeologists uncovering the relics of a…Read more ›

Twitter and Wall Street react to Dick Costolo’s departure

Twitter head Dick Costolo will step down as company CEO, effective July 1. Co-founder Jack Dorsey will replace him while the company finds new leadership. This is pretty huge news for the microblogging site, but you almost wouldn’t know that…Read more ›

React Messenger’s Zaniness Is Half FaceTime, Half iMessage [Daily Freebie]

  Sarcasm doesn’t travel well over text message — and I can say that through bitter experience. I’ve probably come close to being slapped, dumped, kicked in the crotch, fired, and/or run over by a riding mower because of some…Read more ›    [Read More…]

How Should Apple React To Porn On Twitter’s Vine App?

Is this Vine's fault, or Apple's?

Is this Vine’s fault, or Apple’s?

You’ve probably seen quite a few headlines today about Twitter’s new Vine iPhone app displaying pornography. Vine went live in the App Store last week, and the video sharing service has garnered quite a bit of attention due to its parent company, Twitter.

Vine was made an Editors’ Choice by Apple in the App Store, but the app has been de-promoted  [Read More…]

Analysts React to Disappointed Investors: Software is Apples Killer Product

Photo by Craig S – http://flic.kr/p/4qVSGp

Wall Street analysts, after watching disappointed investors sell-off some Apple shares, Wednesday attempted to remind consumers that the iPhone 4S maker is still a rock star, pulling in profits like nobody else on the planet. Hyped to expect a raft of rumored design changes, investors came away from yesterdays Apple announcement somewhat disappointed, a mood reflected in an early 5 percent sell-off of Apple shares.  [Read More…]

Front Pages Around The World React After Steve Jobs Resigns From Apple [Gallery]


Investors, Wall Street React Favorably to Apple, iPad 2

Click the image to open in full size. Apple stock is once again trading higher Thursday, up more than $ 6 per share to $ 358 at noon CST. The bounce is being widely attributed to a combination of factors, certainly not the least of which are the introduction of the iPad 2 and the return (even for just one day) of Apple CEO Steve Jobs who proved to be his "old self" during  [Read More…]