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The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide You Might Actually Want To Read [Feature]

Valentine Ipad

Sure, you can buy me an iPad mini for Valentine’s Day, but isn’t that a little predictable?

Warning: This article might deal in stereotypes. Why? Because no matter how much your woman friend might truly appreciate that power drill she’s had her eye on for the last six months (to the point of leaving a copy of Lady Power Tool magazine open on your desk with the page turned to a Makita ad),  [Read More…]

Apple Unveils New “Read Them Here First” Newsstand Section With Exclusive Hearst Deal

Now you can get Oprah on your iPad before anyone else.

Now you can get Oprah on your iPad before anyone else.

Hearst and Apple have partnered in Newsstand to bring 20 of Hearst’s magazines exclusively to the iPad before any other digital or retail channels. This means that new issues of magazines like Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Elle, Popular Mechanics, Seventeen, and more will be available in Newsstand days before anywhere else.

Darrell Etherington of TechCrunch  [Read More…]

The Beatle Bard: Read John Lennon’s Letters On Your iPad [Review]


New on the App Store, and just in time for a Christmas gift to a Beatles fan, is this rather lovely app collating 250 of John Lennon’s letters. It’s been made with affection for the great man, and provides an interesting insight into his mind.

As the app’s introduction states, the definition of “letter” had to be stretched a bit to get all of the content in. It begins with  [Read More…]

The Funniest iOS App Review You’ll Read All Week [Image]

There are various techniques one can use when dropping a horrible review for an app. You could give it a single star and move on. Or say it’s worthless. Or list a specific problem with the app hoping it gets fixed in the future. Or you could go with the all caps/rant approach.

Each method is effective in its own way, and iOS user Bmwworld knows them all. Except he sadly  [Read More…]

Study Shows That iPads Help People With Vision Loss Read Faster, More Comfortably

A study was presented at the 116th annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology yesterday that shows the benefit of backlit tablet computers like the iPad help patients with vision loss due to eye diseases read at a comfortable level again.

The study looked at all backlit tablets, scoring the iPad highest in terms of helping readers with low vision due to conditions like macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy read  [Read More…]

Have Your iPhone or iPad Read Emails To You & Speak to Write Back

Read Emails to You and Write Back by Speaking in iOS

Want to have your emails read to you? How about talking to write out a reply rather than poking around on the touch screen? You can easily do both in iOS, so the next time you need to read and write emails while you’re on the go or driving, consider using the awesome text-to-speech and Dictation features on the iPhone and  [Read More…]

iOS Facebook App Gets New Read Later Functionality

Facebook has just introduced a new feature for their official Facebook for iPhone and iPad app that gives users Instapaper-like abilities to save posts shared on Facebook to read later. Now you too can collect your friends’ most embarrassing social network blunders in a favorites folder for posterity! Oh, and links you want to read later too, of course.

The feature — which is available on both Facebook.com and Facebook’s  [Read More…]

How To Read Kindle Books In iBooks, And Keep Your Library In The Cloud [How-To]

Pkd dropbox

All your books in one place, DRM free.

I love e-books. I love them so much that Im considering buying a double-sided, sheet-feed scanner, chopping the spines of all my dead-treeware books and having an OCR frenzy on their asses. What I dont like is DRM. Not for any idealistic reasons (well, maybe a few) but for practical ones. My bookseller of choice is Amazon, as it has the  [Read More…]

Change Mail Apps Mark As Read Behavior in Mac OS X

Mail apps Mark as Read behavior Have you ever noticed that Mail app registers a message as read after it has been clicked? The automatic mark as read feature makes it easy to quickly skim through a bunch of emails, but Mail doesnt offer much control over the the delay for when messages are marked read. Thats where TruePreview comes in, its a free Mail plugin that gives you control over  [Read More…]

Mark Multiple Emails as Read on iPhone

Mark Multiple Emails as Read iPhone If youre suffering from email overload, sometimes the easiest thing to do is just mark everything as read and start over again. While there is no select all or mark all as read option in iOS, you can mark multiple emails as read on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as long as you select them manually with a tap. Heres what youll need to  [Read More…]