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Read the Original Brochure for Apple’s Groundbreaking Lisa

People from the 1980s using the Apple Lisa. We’ve got a special one for you, folks. My dear friend and colleague Bill Scott found a delightful treasure while riffling through his archive a few weeks ago: the original brochure for the Lisa, Apple’s very first graphical user interface computer with a mouse. Bill worked at Hovey-Kelley Design when the firm created the first mouse (his beautiful sketches can be seen at  [Read More…]

Fix the “iTunes Library.itl” Cannot Be Read Version Error When Downgrading iTunes

Fix iTunes Library.itl Error We recently showed you how to delete iTunes, which is typically done for the purposes of downgrading iTunes to a previous version. If you’ve done this and you are now encountering an error about “iTunes Library.itl” not being readable due to it’s creation by a newer version of iTunes, here’s the fix via iDownloadBlog, which is nice and easy: Remove the newer version of iTunes and install  [Read More…]

More Details About Apple Plugging Exploits For Untethered Jailbreaks In iOS 4.3.4 And Up [MUST READ]

Yesterday, we reported on how iOS 4.3.4 won’t be receiving an untethered jailbreak from the hacking community anytime soon. i0n1c’s old exploit that was used to jailbreak iOS 4.3.x has been patched by Apple and new details have emerged regarding the patching of said exploit. iOS434 (1) Stefan Esser aka i0n1c is an independent iOS hacker (i.e. he doesn’t belong to either the iPhone/Chronic Dev Team). So far, the Dev-Teams have used incomplete code-signing attacks to find/perform untethered jailbreaks on iOS devices running iOS 4.1 and up. That exploit has been patched  [Read More…]

Listen To Richard Dreyfuss Read The Apple EULA You’ve Never Read

Those nasty little End User License Agreements we so willingly accept every time a piece of software is updated, or every time we sign up for a new new social media service are paint to read. CNET decided to capitalize on this fact, and some negative publicity Apple got earlier this year involving their EULA, by having Richard Dreyfuss do a dramatic reading of Apple’s EULA. The results are pretty funny. Follow the link here to  [Read More…]