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Increase Line Spacing in OS X Terminal to Improve Readability

If you’re a Mac user who finds the text output shown within Terminal app to be a bit too confined and tightly spaced, you’ll be pleased to discover that you can adjust the line spacing to accommodate your preferences. You can boost line spacing within Terminal dramatically or just a little bit (or if you … Read More

Readability Gets Background Updates, iOS 7 Styling

Readability, the oft-overlooked but competent rival to Instapaper and Pocket, has reached v2.0, and added an iOS 7 makeover, plus a few neat new features. Readability lets you save an article to read later, just like Pocket and Instapaper, saving…

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Twitterrific Update Brings Readability & Droplr Integration, Lots Of Improvements


Twitterrific, one of my favorite Twitter clients on iOS, got a new update this week that adds Readability integration for bookmarking tweets you want to catch up with later, as well as support for image hosting service Droplr. The update also comes with a ton of bug fixes and improvements.

In addition to Readability and Droplr integration, you’ll now find that the read/unread state of tweets updates as you scroll through your  [Read More…]

How To Save Links To Pocket, Instapaper, Readability Anywhere In iOS [Jailbreak]

Readr iPhone

Apple’s Reading List lets you save and sync links in iOS and OS X to read later on any iCloud-enabled device, but the feature is restricted to Safari. Due to the limited nature of Reading List and the fact that it hasn’t existed for that long, third-party services like Pocket and Instapaper are widely used for saving links to read later.

Apps like Tweetbot let you send links to Pocket or  [Read More…]

Use IFTTT To Send Google Reader Articles To OmniFocus And Readability [How To]

Ifthis 1

The Omni Group has been testing its new OmniFocus Mail Drop, a service which lets you forward emails to a secret address, whereupon they end up — moments later — in your OmniFocus inbox. This means that we can finally (finally!) add emails direct to our Omnifocus from our iPhones and iPads.

But with a little jiggery-pokery, you can finagle some automated internet services to do much more. In this post I’ll show you how I  [Read More…]

Readability Update Brings A New Look To Curated Reading Lists On iPad

Curated reading lists never looked better in Readability.

Readability has updated its iOS app to bring a new grid view to the Top Reads and Longform Picks curated reading lists on the iPad. Version 1.2.3 of the app also promises “even more sync speed improvements” which should make Readability even snappier than it was before.

According to the official Readability blog, the new grid view “gives readers a more inviting, visual way to  [Read More…]

Add a Separator & Time Stamp Between Terminal Commands to Increase Readability

Custom Terminal separator and timestamp for Bash

If you want to customize the Terminals appearance a bit beyond the prompt and a custom background, you can make the Terminal much more readable by using this nice trick to add a separator and timestamp between each executed command. This also bolds the current command text and anything that is available from tab completion.

To get this to work, you just need to paste  [Read More…]