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Safari Reader mode simplifies the appearance of web pages by attempting to render only a pages primary article text into a minimalistic focused view. This can be helpful when reading much of whats found on the web on any iOS device, but it’s particularly useful on the iPhone since many websites don’t have an optimized … Read More

Twitter integration is pretty deep throughout OS X and iOS with the sharing abilities and various uses of Siri, but another often overlooked Twitter feature is part of Safari and called “Shared Links”. Put simply, Shared Links can be thought of as an extension of the handy Reading List feature of iOS and OS X, … Read More

Reader 7 is a single-minded app with a single-serve purpose. You know when somebody sends you an MS Word DOC or DOCX file via email and all you want to do is look at it, and maybe track the changes… Read more ›     

Today Square unveiled its new card reader with a design that’s nearly half the size of the original. By ditching clunky stock components in the first Square Reader, the mobile payments pioneer has created a smoother card swiping experience and… Read more ›     

Mr. Reader Updated With iOS 7 Background Updating

  Mr. Reader, the best RSS news reader app for the iPad, is now fully iOS 7-ready, letting me (finally!) get the last non iOS 7 app out of my dock. As you’d expect, it now looks great, and adds… Read more ›     

readerSafari iOS 7iOS 7 has changed the look and feel of so much on the iPhone and iPad, that some of you may be looking for familiar bits, but find yourselves unable to locate them. A case in point, here, is the Safari “Reader” button that used to be in the upper right hand side of any […]

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Adobe-Reader-11Adobe may know how to make terrific software, but it also knows how to milk its users for every penny it can get. The latest example of that comes with a new Adobe Reader 11 update for iOS that adds some nifty PDF conversion features — which you’ll have to pay yearly to enjoy. With [...]

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vBookz PDF Voice ReaderDyslexia is a disability that likely affects 70 – 80 percent of people with poor reading skills, with one in five students having a language-based disability that could include dyslexia. Many folks with dyslexia have trouble differentiating between different letters of the alphabet, many of which–especially in digital text form–look very similar. Many of the [...]

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Hey RSS refugees (RSS-u-gees?). Did you sign up for a Feed Wrangler account so you could import all your Google Reader feeds and keep using them in something like the Excellent Mr. Reader app? Me too. And did you see that Feed Wrangler pretty much just ignored all your carefully thought-out and painstakingly organized folders, [...]

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