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Reeder For iPhone Gets Support For Google Reader Alternatives, Goes Free

Reeder-iPhone-3-0The developer behind Reeder, one of the best Google Reader clients for iOS, has confirmed that the app’s development will continue after Google Reader is closed on July 1. The app will soon receive an update that will bring support for a number of Google Reader alternatives, and if that wasn’t enough, it’ll be free on […]

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Digg Reader Beta Starts Rolling Out To Testers Ahead Of iOS App Release

digg-readerDigg Reader, the service hoping to secure as many Google Reader users as it can when the service closes on July 1, has just begun rolling out in beta to early testers. The news comes just as the official Digg Reader app for iOS is expected to hit the App Store. Digg announced the news […]

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Migrate RSS Feeds from Google Reader to Feedly or Pulse

RSS Alright faithful OSXDaily readers, listen up: 11,471 of you are STILL using Google Reader to access our RSS feed, but Reader is scheduled to end on July 1. While that is a huge improvement from the 40,000+ that were a few months ago… that’s still too many of our wonderful readers to have not migrated over to an alternative RSS reading platform yet. I’m assuming the reason is because of  [Read More…]

Even AOL Has Its Own Google Reader Replacement


Every day there seems to be a new alternative to Google Reader, the beloved RSS aggregator Google will bury once and for all on July 1st. Services like Feedly and Newsblur are already established with millions of users, and Digg has a service launching next week. Now AOL—yes, the company formerly known as America Online—even has a RSS reader.

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Feedly RSS Service Updated With Cloud Sync, Making It Top Google Reader Alternative

happy-retirement-google reader

While alternate RSS services have started popping up left and right in the wake of Google Reader’s death sentence, the strongest contender so far is certainly Feedly. In a few months, the service already has 12 million users and a pretty sophisticated platform.

Today Feedly officially turned on its own cloud sync, effectively cutting ties from Google Reader for good. The web app has also been redesigned to adapt to  [Read More…]

Digg’s Google Reader Replacement Will Be Ready To Launch On iOS June 26th


Google Reader’s execution date is set for June 30th, so the team at Digg has been busy working on build a replacement as fast as possible. Digg Reader isn’t ready to go quite yet, but the company has started testing its new app and  announced that it will be ready to go live on June 26th.

Digg posted an update on its progress to replacing Google Reader this morning and stated  [Read More…]

iPhone-Friendly Credit-Card Reader On Sale In European Apple Stores

In the U.S, lucky market traders, beggars and panhandlers can stick a sugarcube-sized dongle into their iPhone’s (or iPad’s) headphone jack and start taking credit cards. Over in Europe, we don’t yet have the Square reader, so our street-folk have had to put up with old-fashioned cash. Until now that is. Thanks to a combination of Apple’s liberal policies governing how dirty you have to be before you’re refused entry to a store,  [Read More…]

Yet Another Comic Reader For iOS. Spoiler Alert: It’s Pretty Awesome

YACReader, or Yet Another Comic Reader, is exactly what it says it is: a comic book reading app. Only it should be called TOCRYEL, or The Only Comic Reader You’ll Ever Need.

Comics+iPad=awesomeness. We all know that already. But getting the comics into an app is usually far from awesome. This is the first thing that sets YACReader apart: While the iOS app is new, the desktop version isn’t. There’s  [Read More…]

Is Hama’s Wi-Fi-Enabled SD-Card Reader The Most Pointless Gadget Ever?


Hama’s descriptively-named Wi-Fi SD/USB Data Reader for Apple Devices seems to be solving a problem that doesn’t exist. To wit: you stick your photo-filled SD card (or USB stick) into this ~$ 100 box and it will beam the contents back to your Mac or iPad, all over the conveniently slow Wi-Fi network.

Why? The blurb says this battery-operated device is “ideal for Apple devices with no possibilities of connection,” but  [Read More…]

Reeder Goes Free On The iPad & Mac Until Google Reader Shuts Down

Reeder for iPad - Landscape

Reeder has long been our favorite newsreading app on the iPhone and iPad, but with Google Reader set to be discontinued on June 30th, the future of Reeder has been up in the air. Google Reader is the engine that drives Reeder, but with no clear alternative right now, it’s not exactly sure what Reeder’s new engine will be come July 1st.

So Reeder’s doing the right  [Read More…]