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Popular RSS App Reeder Announces Upcoming Support For Google Reader Alternative Feedbin


Reader is one of the most popular RSS apps out there for Apple devices. It’s available on OS X and iOS, and up until now it’s mainly been used in conjunction with Google Reader. Now that Google has announced its plans to kill Google Reader in the coming months, many are starting to look to alternative RSS aggregators.

Today the maker of the app Reeder, Silvio Rizzi, announced that Feedbin support  [Read More…]

Skimr, A Minimalternative To Google Reader

Looking for an alternative to Google Reader? The might I suggest Skimr, a rather minimal web app which will let you read your feeds right there in the browser. It shows your feeds in a big, bright and beautiful single-column list, and when you open a feed it shows you the articles in a similarly cruft-free view.

It’s just about perfect, as long as you don’t have more than a few feeds.

  [Read More…]

5 Great Replacements For Google Reader

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.

As you may already know, Google Reader will shutdown as of July 1, so now’s the time to look for a new RSS reader. If you’re a longtime user, you may not be familiar with the other options available to you, but don’t worry — there are plenty out there, so you don’t need to go without your news.

We’ve compiled a list of the best cloud-based and  [Read More…]

Google Reader is Dead: Here Are The Best Google Reader Alternatives

RSS You might be aware by now that Google announced they are shutting down Google Reader, the longtime RSS reading favorite. Google Reader will be put to rest on July 1 of this year, and chances are good that will impact at least some of you reading this. We know that over 15,000 of you use Google Reader alone every day to read OSXDaily’s RSS feed, that’s about 1/4 of  [Read More…]

Google Shutting Down Reader By July 1

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.

Goodbye Google Reader, we hardly knew ye.

In an official post at the Google Reader blog and the Google blog, the search giant has announced today that it will retire Google Reader, a fantastic RSS service in its own right, shutting it down on July 1, 2013.

Software engineer Alan Green took to the Google REader blog to say  [Read More…]

Photojojo’s Lightning SD Card Reader For iPads Mini and 4

I consider Apple’s Lightning SD card adapter to be a step backwards – the original camera connection kit not only included an SD dongle and a USB port, but it also provided them in convenient, pocketable, non-be-cabled form.

Thanks to the fine folks at Photojojo, though, you can now relive the excitement of not using a cable to plug in your SD card with the Lightning SD Reader.

There are a couple of connectors,  [Read More…]

Use IFTTT To Send Google Reader Articles To OmniFocus And Readability [How To]

Ifthis 1

The Omni Group has been testing its new OmniFocus Mail Drop, a service which lets you forward emails to a secret address, whereupon they end up — moments later — in your OmniFocus inbox. This means that we can finally (finally!) add emails direct to our Omnifocus from our iPhones and iPads.

But with a little jiggery-pokery, you can finagle some automated internet services to do much more. In this post I’ll show you how  [Read More…]

Marvin Reader App Dives Deeper Into E-books [Review]

Neat, clear and clever: Marvin for iOS.

Marvin is a neat little e-book reader for iOS – free for now, but likely to cost about $ 2 by next week. It’s packed with useful features for serious readers and students, plus some ingenious new ideas we’ve not seen in other e-book reading apps.

Note from the outset that Marvin only reads ePub files – widely used and very popular, but not  [Read More…]

Rockmelt: More Feed Reader Than Browser, And Not The Web I Was Looking For [Review]

The modern web

There’s been a lot of hoopla today about Rockmelt, a free new iPad app for browsing the web. Everyone keeps calling Rockmelt a browser, but I disagree. This is not what I call a browser. It’s a feed reader.

A few years ago, pre-Twitter and pre-Google Reader (back when RSS feeds were the thing to use) feed reader apps usually came with a list of suggested sources.  [Read More…]

The Best Free RSS Reader for Mac OS X is NetNewsWire

NewNewsWire RSS Reader for Mac OS X

OS X Mountain Lion may have removed the native ability to subscribe to RSS feeds from Safari in addition to the feed reader in Mail, but that doesn’t mean your RSS feed reading habits are toast on the Mac. Quite on the contrary, there’s a fantastic free RSS reader available to OS X users called NetNewsWire, and not only is it the best free feed  [Read More…]