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Check Out This Awesome Reader Made Steve Jobs Mosaic!

To help mark the end of Steve Jobs’ career as Apple’s CEO, the wonderful guys over at Artaic sent us this beautiful mosaic.   Who is Artaic? In their own words: We are a small start-up company that uses our own CAD software to design custom tile mosaics. This software couples with our in-house robotic assembly system that produces the physical mosaics by picking and placing 3/8? glass tiles. Our  [Read More…]

This Little Dongle Is The ShamelessTrademark Infringing SD Card Reader Your Mac Deserves

Remember the darling little iHub that MIC Gadget used to sell, complete with a glowing little Apple logo that ended up getting them kicked so hard by Apple’s legal team that MIC Gadget ended up gargling their lower intestines? Well, the iHub’s spiritual cousin is back with this cute Chinese SD card reader, and if Apple’s legal team can find them, we’re sure they’ll get C&Ded too in due course.  [Read More…]

Amazon Releases Cloud Reader Web App, Sidesteps Apple’s App Store Fee

Amazon released their Kindle Cloud Reader Web App designed for use with iPads and a few select web browsers, in an effort to sidestep Apple’s in-app purchase requirements. Amazon has managed to produce a very competent web app, providing Kindle readers a seamless and infinitely easy buying and reading experience. As Wired points out, it may in fact be too easy. Buying and reading books may completely avoid registering on your expenses radar until it’s  [Read More…]

Amazon Laughs in Apple’s Face With Web-Based Kindle Reader for iPad

Amazon’s Kindle application was recently at risk of being removed from the App Store because it contained a link to purchase content outside of Apple’s ecosystem — something Apple no longer allows developers to do under its latest App Store terms. In order to secure its place in the App Store, Amazon issued a last-minute update to its app to remove the link, but in a move that subtly tells Apple  [Read More…]

Apple Genius Says OS X Lion Is Coming On July 26th [Reader Tip]

While there’s still hope that OS X Lion will drop today, the chances are slim. Previous speculation was that Apple would announce Lion alongside new Mac hardware today, but that hasn’t seemed to pan out just yet. So when is it coming? We’ve received a tip that claims a July 26th Lion launch date, seemingly confirming a similar report earlier today… and our tipster received his word straight from an Apple Store Genius’s  [Read More…]

iFlow Reader App River Dries Up, Apple Waging eBook War

Click the image to open in full size. In a scathingly bitter letter released today, the iFlow staff explains to users why at the end of the month their company and app will be gone for good. Also, the letter goes details the one-sided war Apple is waging on digital book sellers on iOS devices. The letter can be viewed in its entiretyhere and opens as follows: Quote: We are writing to you today  [Read More…]

Apple Sells Square Credit Card Reader for iPhone, iPod, iPad

Now you can buy “Square“, the credit card reader for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. “Square” is now available online via Apple.com and will soon be available at Apple Retail locations as well. Square is a revolutionary service that allows you to accept credit cards, using a reader that plugs into your iPod touch (4th generation), iPhone 4, or iPad along with a free easy-to-use app. There’s no need for complicated contracts, monthly fees,  [Read More…]